Finnacle Club

Finnacle holds the Financial Backbone of SDM-IMD. This committee basically encompasses the committee members whose work entails publishing of weekly/daily news clips (Videos/audios/news scripts) related to Finance on the college’s website. Conducting quizzes in the college so as to keep the students updated with Financial Jargons and the where about. Finnacle also conducts intra-college events so as to enable students to get practical experience. Recruitment Process basically comprises of three rounds; First round is a Quiz, keen students can enrol their name and generalized quiz related to Finance and current affairs is conducted. The shortlisted students move to second round which is event creation, to see the creative side of students. The selected students move on to the third round which is Personal Interview. Students have to go through a rigorous interview conducted by the committee members. 5-7 students are finalized as the Budding Members.
PGDM 18-20 (Second Year)
18036 Bellurkar Vijay
18005 Anand Sharma
18160 Nishanth M
18079 Rajdeep Pal
18100 Ekta Burman
18096 Bille Sai Dinesh 
18106 Pratik B Bhatia