Program Details

The duration of the Program offered is 3 months

The program will follow a blended learning approach and multiple modes of pedagogy. Lectures, concept, discussions and real-life examples will link the discussion of case studies or projects. The flow of the Program will be as follows -

A 2-day pre-course residential workshop at SDMIMD.
Access to class videos for a period of 12 weeks with unlimited viewing. Individual passwords will be
       assigned to the participants.
A 2-day post-course residential workshop will be at SDMIMD.
BLCPM Certificate will be awarded based on the assessments in the form of assignments, projects and
        online quizzes.

The Program is slated to be on offer from the month of October 2017. The exact time of start and finish is flexible based on the mutual convenience of the corporate house and SDMIMD. While a minimum of ten participants from a corporate house for a dedicated program is desirable, the number of participants is negotiable.

Learning platform
A virtual Learning Management System (LMS) platform provided by TCS iON
Business cases from reputed Business Schools will be made available for program concept delivery.
        Wherever found necessary by the Faculty, additional course material will be made available.
Text Books will provided to participant apart from supplementary reading materials by faculty.
Discussion Forums for self-motivated managers and leaders.

Program Fee

Program Fees is payable in 2 installments.

1. For a group of participants from specific Corporates / Universities / Institutes. A consolidated fees of Rs.
6,00,000 per company with the following norms:

The above fees covers the course fee, and the stay arrangements of the pre-program workshop and post-program round-up for 15 participants from a company. If there are more participants, the fee and orientation details will be revised based on discussion.
The fee includes the cost of the course material, text books and cases supplied as part of each course

2. For individuals who are looking to join the Program
Fees of Rs. 55,000 per participant.
Will have password protected access to class videos for a period of 12 weeks.
Will be awarded a BPCPM Certifcate after having successfully completed the program.