Budget Conclave 2019

On 6th July 2019, SDMIMD organized the Budget Conclave 2019 in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mysuru and Ernst & Young (E&Y). 
The event commenced with a welcome address and brief note on the program and the budget by the program convenor Dr. M Sriram, Assistant Professor, Finance – SDMIMD, Mysuru. Dr. Sriram opined that the budget is being futuristic in approach, the desired results of the new Budget would be evident only with time. 
Dr. N R Parasuraman, Director – SDMIMD, Mysuru in his address on ‘The Indian Economy’ and Budget 2019-20 shared his thoughts on the commendable performance of the Indian economy in major segments that have played a significant role in the development of the economy. 
This was followed by the presentations by 2-Year Post Graduate Diploma Management (PGDM) Students of SDMIMD, Mr. Dronamraju Subhakar, Ms. Karshini Tyagarajan, Mr. Bellurkar Vijay, Mr. Sankalp Jain, and Mr. Bille Sai Dinesh on the salient features of the Union Budget 2019.
This was followed by the informative presentations by Mr. S Ranganathan, Convenor, CII Finance & Taxation Panel, and CFO, Automotive Axles Ltd. gave his remarks on the Union Budget 2019-20. In his remarks, Mr. Ranganathan stated that there has been a remarkable growth in every area of the economy, even though the economy is going through a slowdown. 
Mr. Bhaskar Kalale, Chairman, CII, Mysuru & President & GM, India, Operations Theorem India Pvt Ltd. in his special address during the event stated the fundamental differences between Finance and Economics. In his opinion, the present Union Budget is a good, progressive and visionary one, which would benefit the economy significantly. 
Later the ‘Analysis of the Union Budget 2019-20 Impact on Direct and Indirect Taxation’ was presented by Mr. Shashanka R Buduguntae, Partner, E&Y. In his address, Mr. Buduguntae enunciated the implication of the various budget policies on the direct tax. Mr. Shiva from E&Y disucssed stating the implications of the present budget on the indirect taxes front.
The event was concluded with an interesting and interactive Question & Answer session moderated by Mr. Rabindra Sahoo, Co-convenor, CII, Finance & Taxation Panel, And Vice President – Finance, Cyient DLM.
The Budget Conclave 2019 was instrumental in extending an insightful, interesting and enriched learning for the invited guests which included, leading industrialists and professionals, academicians from premier institutions and the student fraternity. The event was organized by Finnacle, the Finance Club of SDMIMD and was coordinated by Dr. M.Sriram, Assistant Professor-Finance, SDMIMD, Mysuru.

Talk by Dr. Thandavamurthy on 'Vedic Healing'

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Dr. Thandavamurthy delivered session on "Vedic Healing" on July 5, 2019, which introduced the new batch of PGDM Program on - how to stay focused, how to stay calm and achieve success, and how to avoid confusion. Dr. Thandavamurthy engaged the students with simple activities which were fun as well allowed learning in a new way. The students participated with full enthusiasm and even laughed heartily as they experienced a different way of learning. The speaker explained how it is possible to get misled due to a mismatch between what we see and how we respond. These learning are helpful to budding managers. Dr. Thandavamurthy also suggested some readings and practices to the students to improve their productivity and efficiency. The session was enjoyed by the students.

Invited talk on Advertisement by Mr. Kishore

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Mr. Kishore Subramanianan, Executive Director, Mullen Lintas, addressed the new Batch of PGDM Program on July 5, 2019. Speaking about advertising and its evolution, Mr. Kishore detailed how religious institutions have been using advertisements since time immemorial. The speaker demonstrated with examples on how the power of advertisements was elucidated in rewriting the traditions. Speaking on the contemporary trends of involving the customers in developing advertisements, Mr. Kishore discussed the Apple and Gopro case. The talk was acknowledged with great appreciations and applause by the apprised and delighted audience.

Talk on Leadership by Mr. Premkumar

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On 4th July 2019 Mr. Premkumar, Head of Admin and Infrastructure, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, delivered insightful talk to PGDM 2019-21 batch, as a part of their Orientation program. The talk focused on leadership skills and the necessity of constantly monitoring the abilities of leadership. Referring the book ‘The Elephant Catchers’ penned by Subroto Bagchi, the speaker made comparisons of leadership with catching elephants and spoke vividly about the four types of leadership.  The ‘Ninjas’ who are the real executors, the ‘Coaches’ who share knowledge, the ‘Thought leaders’  were the astrologers of the future and the ‘Rainmakers’ who are always thinking and creating something out of nothing. His talk about leadership was highly inspiring.

'Exceling in Life' motivation talk by Mr. Shankar Prasad

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Mr. Shankar Prasad, Sr. Manager - Educational Services, Excel Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd., addressed the new batch of the PGDM Program on July 4, 2019 on ‘Facets of Management’. The speaker comprehensively discussed on the agility of the MBA program and the worth of thinking out of the box and being unpredictable. Mr. Shankar opined that there is nothing called ‘last word’ in management. 
Discussing on the new education policy and its implications discussed on how American franchised network organization, Business Networking International changed the educational service scenario. The speaker with his rich experience in the educational service support helped the young managers to get the doubts clarified pertaining to educational policy and norms.