Guest Lecture 1819

Values for Work Life Balance – by Prof. Ravichandran

Prof. N. Ravichandran, former Professor, Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad (IIM A) and former Director, IIM Indore was the speaker for the 2nd Technical Session scheduled in the International HR Conference 2018 edition. Prof. Ravidhandran with his rich expertise and experience in the theme of the conference – Managing HR at the Workplace, gave very insightful thoughts. The talk was humorous at the same time. Prof Ravichandran shared selected stories from Panchatantra while explaining the core values for work life balance. He emphasised on several core values and life lessons that must be inculcated to lead a balanced life. He also spoke about specific virtues in the organizational context. Dr. R. Jagadeesh, Professor – Operations, SDMIMD, chaired the technical session.

Technical Session on Leadership at HR Conference

Mr. Mahalingam C, Managing Director, Lead Theatre Consulting, Bangalore, the technical session speaker the first session of the International HR Conference 2018 held on December 14, 2018. Mr. Mahalingam started his speech by stating that “Leadership is all about continuous purification and not glorification”. He said organisations need to reinvent themselves every decade or as and when required to thrive and remain relevant. He mentioned that agility, resilience, bold action and integrative thinking are imperative in today’s digital world. Mr. Mahalingam concluded the session by explaining how digitalization is altering business models and how it is necessary for organizations to reinvent themselves. Dr. M.R. Suresh, Professor – Marketing, SDMIMD, chaired the session. 

Valedictory Address to IEC 2018 by Dr.M.S.Sriram

Dr. M.S.Sriram, Visiting Professor-IIM Bangalore & Distinguished Fellow at IDRBT- RBI delivered valedictory address to the 4th International Conference on “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” on November 24, 2018.  Dr.Sriram raised concern over the widening wealth gap in the society in the reform era, which is the major threat to the major threat to the growth sustainability. He strongly argued that, the faster the growth rate, the greater are the chances of taking something away from the future. He opined that, sustainability is all about extracting as much as we can replenish. Dr. Sriram also highlighted on how growth is always moving us towards exclusion from. The talk emphasised on the need for striking a balance between growth and sustainable development for the overall development of national economies.

Dr. Ashly Pinnington Spoke on Compliance with Soft Regulation

Dr. Ashly Pinnington, Dean-Research, British University in Dubai was the Distinguished Speaker in the Valedictory Session of the 4th International Conference on “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” on November 24, 2018.  He delivered an insightful talk on ‘collective compliance with soft regulation? – creative paths to consensus’. Dr. Pinnington elucidated the corporate governance framework - G2O/OECD, principles of Corporate Governance (2015) and stated as to how it helps in promoting transparency and fair markets, efficient allocation of resources, to be consistent with law and effective supervision and implementation. Dr. Pinnington opined that it is essential to legitimize CSR governance to promote transparency and deliberation. He also designed the ways to achieve and sustain soft regulations.

Mr.R.C Jagadesh, Director - GCC, Klueber Lubrication India Pvt. Ltd

Mr. R.C Jagadesh, Director - Global Competence Centre -Cement Industry, Klueber lubrication India Private Limited was invited to an as distinguished speaker to the 4th International Conference on “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” on November 24, 2018.   In his talk, Mr.Jagadesh emphasised that cultural sustainability is the key to organisational sustainability, and environmental sustainability is the key to sustainable development.