HR Club

HunaR - HR Club

"HunaR is the HR club of SDMIMD established in 2016. The club's main aim is to foster learning in aspiring HR professionals. The club would be doing its part in exposing students to industry updates, core concepts and also helping them apply those concepts through various competitions, case studies and knowledge sharing sessions. The club would also be responsible for developing relationship with the industry professionals. Alongside the mentioned activities, the club would be coordinating and assisting various activities such as guest lectures, conferences, fests, workshops and would serve as the backbone for the institute’s initiatives."
The core club members for the batch 2015-17 are as below :
  • Alka Bharadwaj
  • Hannah Priyadarshini
  • Komal Jaywant Khomane
  • Preethi Mn
  • Prerna Nath
  • Radhika Birje

The core club members for the batch 2016-18 are as below :

  • Aakansha Lakhani
  • Manchit Mehta
  • Nidhi SS
  • Triti Nandi
  • Venkat Vasist Reddy