Students Club

Debate club

The Debate club (Debcom) of SDMIMD has been established to fulfil the objectives mentioned below:
  1. To enhance the public speaking skills of the students.
  2. To promote independent thinking and making sure that the students can be able to assess, analyse and form an opinion of their own.
  3. To create awareness about various burning issues that arise within the business environment as well as issues which having large national/International implications.
  4. Creating a sense of confidence among the student community so that they are able to defend their point of view.
  5. Overall, It is about making students confident, improving their oratory skills, body language and also the student should be able to look at an issue from multiple dimensions.
Debcom Members
PGDM 2017-19 Second Year 
17015 Snigdha Kolukuluri
17062 Ikenna Uzoma Waturuocha
17019 Mohit Alam Laskar
17016 Kundrapu Jyothi
17122 Deepak Pattanshetti
17126 Pratik Tripathy
PGDM 2018-20 First Year 
18071 Gaurav Gupta 
18019 Pramukh Meda Krishna
18136 Karthik K 
18186 Swathi TR 
18100 Ekta Burman 
18005 Anand Sharma 

Activities So far

Intra-College Debate 2017

The first round of the Intra-College Debate Championship 2017 was held on August 21, 2017. The motion of the debate was “Women Reservation in corporate sector”. It was a heated debate where the four sets of participants strongly placed their arguments in front of an enthusiastic student gathering. Director Dr. N.R Parasuraman gave introductory remarks and encouraged the students and participants. The event was judged by Prof L. Gandhi and Prof. Prasad S.N. The event was organized by the Debate Committee of SDMIMD – DebCom.

Students' Club

Toastmasters Club
On Saturday August 9, 2014, the SDMIMD Toastmasters club was inaugurated by TM Anitha, the Divisional Governor from Mangalore. Twenty four members of the club were administered the oath by TM Anitha. This was followed by the Office bearers of the new club taking the oath of office. This club has the distinction of being the first club in Mysore to be started by an Educational Institute.
This event was attended by the office bearers of the 4 other clubs in Mysore namely the Mysore Toastmasters and the clubs at SPIInfosys and L & T. The event was graced by the presence of the TM Haris from SPI, TM Sayan Dey fromInfosys, TM Karthik Rao from Mysore Toastmasters and several other Toastmasters.

HunaR - HR Club
"HunaR is the HR club of SDMIMD established in 2016. The club's main aim is to foster learning in aspiring HR professionals. The club would be doing its part in exposing students to industry updates, core concepts and also helping them apply those concepts through various competitions, case studies and knowledge sharing sessions. The club would also be responsible for developing relationship with the industry professionals. Alongside the mentioned activities, the club would be coordinating and assisting various activities such as guest lectures, conferences, fests, workshops and would serve as the backbone for the institute’s initiatives."