Toastmasters Club

Introductory Session for the Batch 2018-20

On August 07, 2019, SDMIMD Toastmasters’ Club organized a motivational talk for the batch of 2019-21. The talk was preceded by a report on the activities of the Toastmasters club at SDMIMD. TM Kavitha M Prakash, a corporate trainer for many fortune 100 companies and the current area director for Toastmasters International District 92, for Mysore was the speaker. In her talk she spoke about going beyond our comfort zone to achieve our dreams. Her talk also followed a briefing on Toastmasters International and its activities.

SDMIMD Club Awards

We are happy to announce that SDMIMD Toastmasters Club has won two awards at the annual conference conducted by Toastmasters International on April 28, 2019. The awards won are:
  1. The Spirit of 92 award: This award is given to recognise the Distinguished Club Status achieved by our club on account of accomplishing 10 goals in the area of education, membership, training and administration. It involved achieving the Competent Leadership Award, getting new members, Club officers training and submitting information on time for the club to run smoothly to benefits members. SDMIMD belongs to district 92 which includes Karnataka and Kerala.
  2. The Phoenix Award: This award marks our club’s never give up attitude and achieving the highest success ever since the club started in 2014. We had a crisis situation with less than 10 members in March 2018. In less than ten months, our club and its members sprung back into action and took the membership up to 23 and achieved this Distinguished Status.  

Competent Leader Award

Toastmasters International has awarded five students from our Club the Competent Leader award. Mr. Sreerag Rajendran, Mr. Athul T P, Mr. Dichin Sunder, Mr. Rahul Hirani and Mr. Revanth T are the students who have achieved this honor. This is the first time in SDMIMD’s history that 5 students have been presented this award.
In order to be awarded the Competent Leader Certificate, Toastmasters must complete 10 projects, each of which is evaluated by an experienced Toastmaster. These projects enable Toastmasters to take on leadership roles to learn and develop skills such as planning, motivating and managing. After successfully completing all the 10 projects, the candidate is recommended for the Competent Leadership award.

Majlis 2019-Divisional Meet

On March 23, 2019, SDMIMD hosted Majlis 2019, the annual meet of Toastmasters of Division M belonging to District 92. Division M comprises of 15 Toastmaster clubs from Mysore and Bangalore. This event featured International Speech Contest, Table Topics Contest and Evaluation Contest. Around 24 contestants participated and the winners will represent Division M during the Annual Conference of District 92, Coronation 2019 at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore on May 26th, 2019. Along with the contests, top 3 district leaders addressed the gathering followed by awards & recognition to high performing clubs and members. Around 100 Toastmasters attended the event.

Table Topics Contest

On March 11, we had the Table Topics Contest conducted by TM Kavitha, TM Himanshu and TM Ritesh. We had 8 participants and the winners are TM Revanth who secured the first place, TM Anuradha in the second place and TM Siddanth who secured the third place.

Leadership Training Program

On 10th February Toastmasters International conducted Leadership training programme for all the officers in Mysore area and this was a two-day orientation with a training session to help the budding leaders to come up with a plan of action for the present term. Each of the officers had the orientation in a separate forum. Post training there was an entertainment programme which involved a lot of learning with fun activities. 

Eloquent Tenali Rama

On 1st and 2nd February 2019, SDMIMD Toastmasters, for the first time, conducted a speech contest, the Eloquent Tenali Rama, as a part of Naissance 2019. This contest saw enthusiastic participation from students of various colleges. The enthusiastic Toastmasters of SDMIMD put the participants to test with the following rounds:
  1. Impromptu speech
  2. Enact a given Situation
  3. Debate
  4. Humorous Speech
  5. Shipwreck

Motivational Talks

On January 25, 2019, Mr. Pranab Singh, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and business mentor was invited to address the students of the first year. Mr. Singh began his talk by sharing his life experiences. He also narrated the failures which he had encountered in his journey to become an entrepreneur. Mr. Singh emphasized that good is never great. He opined that continuous development is essential and seeking development is vital for the growth of both the enterprise and an entrepreneur. He also highlighted the value of communication in today’s dynamic business scenario.