About the Conference

The capital markets are set for turbulent times as the recent developments in the global financial markets might have ramifications that could erode the fortunes of emerging markets. The good news though is that the Indian economy is set to bear the lesser brunt of the impact of the happenings in global markets. Global developments coupled with the recent happenings in the domestic market have reinforced efforts to draw a roadmap for markets to navigate the uncertainties. The recovery of U.S market could trigger a hike in interest rates; likewise, changes in the global policies of the new administration in the U.S and the exit of U.K from the European Union could have ripple effects across the globe in terms of trade wars.

Despite all these odds stacked against it, the GDP in India is expected to grow in the range of 6.5%-7.25%. The fastest growing economy in the world is poised to remain at the epicentre of all investing activities.

A slew of measures led by the government in bringing up transparency in operations, efforts to eradicate black money, policies providing a fillip to new start-ups and MSMEs, impetus to infrastructural development and opening up of banking sector are expected to turn the financial pivot firmly in India’s favour.

Overwhelmed with resounding success from the earlier versions of the International conference on Finance and Accounting, SDMIMD takes the pleasure in announcing the 6th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Finance, Accounting and Banking on August 18-19, 2017.

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