MDP on Essentials of Business Analytics

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Prof. Mohamed Minhaj

Area: Systems

Objectives of the MDP

Business Analytics has emerged as one of the fastest growing domains in the business world. Business Analytics entails transforming the data that the organizations gather and store, into actionable insights for better decision making. It employs tools, techniques, models, machine learning etc., to provide historical, current and predictive views of the business operations.

The objective of this program is to give a comprehensive introduction of Business Analytics, covering the key data management aspects, information retrieval techniques, tools/technologies along with industry use-cases related to Analytics.

The course endeavors to answer these questions

  • What exactly is Business Analytics ?
  • Why is it being used ?
  • How is it helping the organizations ?
  • How is it done ?

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Web Searching Techniques and Data Scraping Methods.
  • Using MS Excel for preparing data for analysis, Business Modelling and Dashboards.
  • Storing and retrieving structured data from Database systems.
  • Classification, Clustering and Market Basket Analysis.
  • Key aspects related to Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Web Analytics and SNA.


Hands-on Sessions (Using MS – Excel and opensource tools related to analytics), Case Discussions, and Group Activities.

Participants Expected Profile:

IT professionals or Business Executives interested in getting a foundation of Business Analytics.

Fees Proposed per participant

Rs. 3000   + GST