MDP on Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Dr. Nilanjan Sengupta & Dr. Mousumi Sengupta

Area: HR & Interpersonal relationship

Objectives of the MDP

This programs aims to facilitate the participants to appraise and appreciate the issues and concerns a leader encounters in organizational situations, while dealing with people, both individually and in teams. Through experiential learning, this program will deliberate the various ways of leading in organizations, with the help of Emotional Intelligence, as an effective tool.

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Managing emotions intelligently
  • Effective leadership styles in leading teams
  • Managing conflict
  • How to improve emotional intelligence


  • Lecture sessions
  • Administration of Psychological Tests
  • Cases
  • Simulation Exercises and Role Plays

Participants Expected Profile:

Entry level and middle and senior level level executives in commercial organizations, corporates, various line managers in manufacturing and service- oriented firms, NGOs and educational administrators, hospital administrators and nursing professionals.

Fees Proposed per participant

INR 1000.00 + tax, per participant