MDP on Excel based Optimization towards improved decision making in operations

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Dr. R. Jagadeesh

Area: Operations / Cross-functional

Objectives of the MDP

Decision making revolves around several issues, and will have multiple objectives. Resource minimization, and profit maximization are just two critical issues to be given prime importance. So how to satisfy these objectives is demonstrated using mathematical models and solving them by using Excel. The solution so obtained will be able meet the constraints and satisfies the stakeholders.

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Introduction to optimization
  • Linear Programming
  • Integer Programming
  • Post optimality analysis
  • Building scenarios
  • Using Excel Solver
  • Using different optimization engines
  • Evolutionary approach
  • Industry application from different fields


Interactive discussions, Case Study, Hands on Exercises

Participants Expected Profile:

Mid-level professionals in the organizations, academicians, independent practitioners.

Fees Proposed per participant