MDP on Essentials of Finance For Non Finance Professionals

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Dr.N.R.Parasuraman, Dr.M.Sriram & Prof.S.Kannadas

Area: Finance

Objectives of the MDP

  • To expose the participants to the nuances of financial statements.
  • To inculcate the process of analysing financial statements and its relevance in decision making.
  • To introduce the participants to various cost concepts and to provide a cost framework for decision making.
  • To introduce the tools used in evaluating long term projects of business organisations and its impact on business performance.

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Introduction to Financial Reporting and Analysis.
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
  • Cost Management for Decision Making


The programme includes a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations using MS-Excel and HBR (Harvard Business Review) case studies.

Participants Expected Profile:

Operating managers, divisional heads, profit-centre heads, functional executives at middle to senior management levels, independent professionals and entrepreneurs, who are not from the finance background and have not had exposure to finance training before, will benefit immensely by developing financial sense and financial acumen which they can then apply to improve performance on their jobs.

Fees Proposed per participant

Rs.3500/- per participant plus GST. The program fee covers Training fee, Learning Material comprising of Books and Hand-outs, Lunch & Refreshments, and Certification.

Corporate discount of 10% will be offered to organizations nominating two or more participants. Nominations to be received on or before May 13 (Monday)