MDP on Six Thinking Hats and Management Games for Employee Excellence

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP
Prof. L. Gandhi & Dr.(Lt Col) Prasad SN

Area: HRM and General Management

Objectives of the MDP

  • To provide insights on the nature and importance of Gamification and six thinking hats
  • To conduct a sample of games and provide interpretations on the benefits of those games
  • To share some popular corporate/management stories and providing tips to construct effective live stories
  • To share a few management games and for future implementation

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • 6 Thinking hat and its application in decision making
  • Importance of Gamification and Story Telling
  • Selected management games and interpretations
  • Power of story telling
  • Gamification and Story Telling as interventional strategies and Motivational mechanisms


  • Interactive sessions
  • Management Games/Activities
  • Path-breaking Business/General Stories

Participants Expected Profile:

Lower and Middle level executives
Team leads, Project managers, Managers, Trainers, HR Professionals and Managers in waiting

Fees Proposed per participant

INR 1500 including GST