MDP on Structured Selling – Sales Made Easy

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP

Dr R Sugant

Area: Economics

Objectives of the MDP

Though ‘sales’ is one of the most exciting professions, most sales persons feel challenged, pressurised and stressed out. This is primarily due to

  • Most sales professionals do not have a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamentals of selling and
  • Sales professionals look at sales as a chore and drudgery, rather than an ‘art’ that is creative and a ‘science’ that is structured.

A sales professional can not only be successful, but can also enjoy his/ her sales career if and only if he/ she masters the art and science of sales.

The objectives of this program are:

  • Provide tools to jump start sales success
  • Help in learning to sell in a structured way
  • Help in identifying the key decision makers in organisational selling
  • Build long term and sustainable customer relationships resulting in faster closures and repeat business
  • Improve rate of sales closures, thereby reducing cost of sales

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Successful sales person – Behaviours, characteristics and skills
  • Sales Funnel – Building a sales pipeline
  • Prospecting & lead generation – Analyzing the territory and conducting account research
  • Understanding Organisational Buying Process
  • Positioning YOU Vs. Sales Objective
  • Managing ‘Buying Influences’
  • Effective Win-win customer relationships
  • Effective closures and favourable outcomes through structured response tactics.


  • Classroom sessions
  • Interactive activities/ games
  • Case Studies
  • Role play

Participants Expected Profile:

  • Frontline Sales professionals with 0-5 years’ experience in sales and involved in B2B sales and selling to corporates/ institutions
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to market their products to corporates/ institutions

Fees Proposed per participant

Rs.2250 per participant