MDP on Understanding Macroeconomic Environment for Decision Making

Faculty member(s) offering the MDP

Area: Economics

Objectives of the MDP

  • To introduce macroeconomic concepts to participants to understand business environment in the economy
  • To interpret and comprehend the key macroeconomic variables
  • To enable participants to make right business decisions understanding the impact of free market and government policies.

Topic Coverage / Outline

  • Understanding the interrelation of key concepts such as economic growth, inflation, interest rates and exchange rates in the macro-economy.
  • Business cycles & market volatility
  • Open economy & its economic impact
  • Fiscal policy & its impact on business
  • Monetary policy & its impact on business


  • Class room lectures
  • Case studies
  • Interactive discussions

Participants Expected Profile:

Executives in the middle management in all types of businesses/Faculty

Fees Proposed per participant