Mauryan earlier trysts with power were full of violence and hatred against his opponents, his later trajectory of self-reformation from a bloodthirsty tyrant to a compassionate ruler is studded with inspiration for modern Indians. Ashoka’s Edicts all over India, paint him as an unusually humane ruler; who in the modern business storyline, is one who strives for peace and equality, with egalitarian laws and punishments amongst all his apprentices.

You’ve got to be wildly ambitious, almost a lunatic, but also considerate of and consult your peers and carefully use every segment of the Mauryan Empire.

In a Fortified city, you need a control tower: a place from where all the planning and the strategies are made. It’s from here that your central administrative work is done. It’s the nucleus and the centre of any organization, and the capital of the realm. A beacon of tolerance to other “faiths” and “divergences” will get you through.

Team: Positive and Negative spells balance. Team of 2.

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