One Kingdom. One thousand and more memories. The Indian subcontinent has been home to many dynasties, but few left as lasting an impact as the Mughals.

Mughal art and architecture defined their style with technical advancements in the fine detailing; the compositions are less crowded, colours are more subdued, and movement is much less dynamic. They exhibited a sensitive understanding of human nature.

With knowledge primarily transmitted through the depiction and assemblage of familial and apprenticeship relationships in albums with richly decorated margins.

A team of artists, one determining the composition, a second doing the actual colouring, and perhaps a specialist in portraiture working on individual faces to understand ways works of art from the past and present communicate ideas about the natural world.

As patrons of portraits, the Mughals gave the world a legacy of enduring beauty. Intricacy. That’s your key.

Team: Yin or Yang. Team of 1.(Male or Female)

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