Program Structure

Structure of the Program

The program will have three semesters of classroom interaction and one semester of project work. The program starts from September 2014 and ends in May 2015. The broad program structure is as below.

Term oneBasic courses in Management:
Statistics, Communication, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Economic Environment, Understanding Self and organisations

Term Two -  Functional courses in Management:
Financial Management, Marketing Research, Production Management, Written Communication, Cost Accounting, Negotiation, Basics of Business Law

Term ThreeApplied courses in Management: 
Human Resources Management, Sales and Distribution Management,  Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation, Systems Management, E- Commerce, Quality Management

Term FourIndependent project work:
Approximately 8 to 10 weeks duration in a company with broad guidance of SDMIMD faculty


The pedagogy to  achieve the program objectives includes:  

  1. Cases in Management and Entrepreneurship, which will be both Indian and global 
  2. Lectures
  3. Individual, Group assignments and Role plays 
  4. Project exercise under the guidance of a faculty member 

Assessment, Evaluation and Certification

Method of assessment and evaluation will be as per norms decided by SDMIMD. On successful completion of the program the candidates will be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate in Management and Entrepreneurship under the SDMIMD logo.