Table of Contents
Section 3: Building Thought Leadership, Driving Growth

Fostering Rural Entrepreneurship in India
-Santhosh Gurudeep Singh J

Corporations- Academia-Head Held High : Building a thought leadership ecosystem to drive Rubanomics
-Nancy Sharma, Reetham Mitra

Section 4:The Right Building Blocks

Leveraging Technology, Platforms and Processes to be efficient social enterprises – do's and don'ts
-Mayur J, Sachin Patel

The Power of Internal Talent to drive Rural Talent Transformation
-Kaliyur Shilpa Shashidhar

Section 5: SDMIMD in Action in Rural India

Section 2: Understanding Rural at the Grass Root Level

Marketing To Rubans
-Akshata N Upadhyaya
- Krithika G Bharadwaj
- Vivek G

Rural BPOs: An Indian Perspective
- Abhishek C Pandurangi

The Job Market Scenario in Rural India - Challenges & Opportunities
-Spoorthi S Gowda

Sustainable Rural Business Models
-Sumanth M.V.