Madan Padaki
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman
Head Held High

Rajesh Bhat
Co-Founder & CEO
Head Held High

Rural India is in the midst of a transformation – and this change is being led by a new breed of rural youth & consumers, who we call the Rural-Urbans or Rubans. Rubans have raw talent, an entrepreneurial spirit, higher aspirations and access to technology. RUBANOMICS is a construct that we have coined at Head Held High, to understand the economics and business models for the Rubans to drive their economic prosperity!

We are privileged to partner with SDMIMD to further the understanding of Rubanomics through summer internship projects with HHH, our partners, case studies and research papers, executive management programmes, workshops and more.

With rural India promising to lead India's next wave of economic growth, this initiative will provide management students exciting projects to explore in this sector. This is also an opportunity for the academia to make Rubanomics mainstream not only in academic circles but also in the corporate world.

We hope this experience and exposure will inspire more students to volunteer in rural development programmes, work for rural enterprises or become rural entrepreneurs catering to the needs of Rubans.