Activities of Swayam during First Year (2013-14)

Swayam is taking initiatives to involve in the startup companies in the initial stages of their existence and to inculcate entrepreneurial orientation among management students

Creation of webpage and Facebook page

Insightful talks by entrepreneurs and experts

  • Guest Session on Entrepreneurship opportunities in SMAC (Social Media Analytics & Cloud). Mr. Girish Karunakaran, Head of Eurasia, SPI Ltd, shared his thoughts on the topic
  • Session by Mr Bobby, as a serial entrepreneur in technology space
  • Panel Discussion involving Entrepreneurs and SDMIMD Alumni, Mr. Ravishankar, Mr. Rajeev Koyal, Mr. Vijay Kumar and Mr. H. Karthik were the panelists in the discussion organized on December 18, 2013
  • Talk by Mr. C. Balagopal Mr. C. Balagopal, Senior Advisor at Terumo Penpol Ltd. & Director at Enter Technologies Pvt Ltd., delivered a talk on “Bureaucrat to Entrepreneur” on September 27, 2013 at SDMIMD
  • Talk by Mr B R Pai, Entrepreneur based at Mysore on issues to be considered for starting a venture

Business Plan competition among Second year students of SDMIMD

Event BigFuture2013: Business Plan competition was organised during November-December 2013 for the second year students. Several teams presented B-plans and the four best business plans were presented in front of judges on December 18, 2013. Mr. Sid Mookerji, CMS, SPI, Mysore and Mr. Ravishankar, Founder – CEO, AIM HIGH, Bangalore and SDMIMD Alumnus were part of the event as esteemed judges for the Business Plan competition. Team Beatrix won the First place; Team Green-O-Vision was in Second place; and, Team S Code stood in the Third place, Cash awards were given to winners

Expert talks by trained entrepreneurship educators identified through NEN

Workshop on 'Business plan and business model workshop' was organised on the 18th of October for the participants of BigFuture, B-plan competition at SDMIMD. The workshop was conducted by IIIT, Bangalore faculty Mr. Milind Priolkar. Mr. Priolkar is also an entrepreneur and has vast experience in conducting workshops for entrepreneurs

NEN activities in consultation with them

Students attended two major workshops for student E-leaders in Mysore and Bangalore

Learning material and literature database
  • In consultation with the library, initiated purchase of books in the area of entrepreneurship
  • Building collection of films on entrepreneurship recommended by NEN and other sources is in the pipeline

Dovetailing with NAISSANCE inter-institute students festival

Ekalavya: A three day long entrepreneurship event to assess the skills of the budding entrepreneurs. The teams were evaluated at the different level the entrepreneurial phases. the event was organized on February 6 to 8, 2014 as a part of Naissance 2014 and evaluated by Dr Suresh and Mr B R Pai

Campus enterprise of Swayam

Fresh Fruits – Nutrition Delivered: ‘Fresh Fruits’ was the first initiative of Swayam – Sourcing fresh fruits from wholesaler and retailing it to students in the campus

Swayam - Manufacturing ‘Temptation’: The second business initiative of Swayam was to manufacture and sale of chocolates inside the college campus. As a campus company of SDMIMD, this initiative has been a success and learning derived by students

PGDM Elective specifically focusing on Entrepreneurship

  • This is approved by the Advisory Board and offered for the second year students in the coming academic year. This would be jointly offered by Dr H Gayathri and Dr M R Suresh

Mentoring support through identified mentors

  • Dr M R Suresh was one of the faculty members selected from several faculty members across India for a Mentoring Skills Finishing School Programme for faculty organised by NEN at Bangalore