Talk on AI in changing times and Use cases

Mr. Jacob Thomas, Delivery Manager at TCS and an alumnus of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "AI in Changing Times and Use Cases" on June 7, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Jacob Thomas discussed "AI for Managers," highlighting AI's evolution and impact on industries. He explained AI's role in rational decision-making, predicting trends, and streamlining processes. Jacob stressed the responsible use of AI, addressed common project failures, and emphasized the importance of a strategic mindset for future managers.

Talk on AI enabled HR practices for Performance excellence

Mrs. Deepti N. Rao, Total Rewards Leader with hands-on experience in M&A, Compensation & Benefits, HR Compliance, Business Partner HR, and Talent Acquisition, and an alumna of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "HR Practices for Performance Excellence" on June 6, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Deepti Rao explored how AI is transforming HR practices, emphasizing performance excellence and talent branding. She highlighted AI's role in streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and improving employee experiences through analytics and task automation. Deepti stressed the importance of continuous learning and adapting to AI advancements to stay competitive in the evolving job market.

Talk on Marketing in the age of AI

Mrs. Monisha Devaiah, Marketing Manager - APAC at AVIXA and an alumna of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "Marketing in the Age of AI" on June 5, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Monisha Devaiah's session focused on AI's transformative impact in marketing. She emphasized AI's potential to drive personalization, productivity, and growth, highlighting tools like ChatGPT and Canva. While AI offers substantial benefits, she stressed the importance of responsible use and human judgment in decision-making. Monisha urged the audience to embrace AI technology, balancing its benefits with human-centric values.

Talk on International Events and Business Performance

Lt. Col. Prasad S. N., Director of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "International Events and Business Performance" on June 4, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Dr. S. N. Prasad discussed the impact of international events on business performance and national strategies, using examples like Maruti and Toyota to illustrate how global dynamics shape business outcomes. He emphasized the importance of understanding currency fluctuations and geopolitical conflicts, particularly for export-oriented industries, and highlighted the interconnected nature of international events and business decisions.

Talk on Consulting in AI Driven Processes – the changing Paradigm

Mrs. Kunjal Thakkar, Director at PwC and an alumna of SDMIMD, delivered a talk on "Consulting in AI-Driven Processes – The Changing Paradigm" on June 3, 2024. The talk was organized as part of the Business Landscape course. Kunjal Thakkar delved into the latest trends shaping the financial services sector, with a strong focus on digital transformation, cybersecurity, and enhancing customer experience. She underscored the vital role of Human Resources in consulting firms, particularly in managing change and acquiring top talent to maintain a competitive edge.

Panel Discussion - Business Landscape 2024

The panel discussion on the following topics were discussed as a part of the Business Landscape course offered to the PGDM 2023-25 batch. The panel members were students from the PGDM 2023-25 batch.

Should the World See the Next Pandemic Soon? Ways and Means to Make Indians Stay Protected
Panelists Varshini, Chethan Shenoy, and Sridhar emphasized robust surveillance systems, healthcare infrastructure, vaccination campaigns, and outbreak prediction technology to protect India from future pandemics, highlighting international cooperation and environmental health.

Social Media: A Major Force in Shaping Opinions and Influencing Organizations; Is This Sustainable?
Panelists Aashik Gowda, Dipangshu Ghoshal, and Sudhanva Kashyap debated the sustainability of social media's influence. Aashik supported traditional media, while Dipangshu and Sudhanva favored digital media, discussing the future of both.

Is the World Inching Towards a Nuclear War? Suggestive Measures to Build Peace and Cooperative Existence Among Nations
Panelists Aashik Gowda, Shankar Sughosh Bhat, Shweta Singh, and Yogitha M U, moderated by Payaswini P Bhasri, concluded that nuclear war is unlikely. They emphasized peace-building and international cooperation.

AI: Employment Generation or Job Losses - Sustainability Tactics for Young Management Professionals
Panelists Kani Setty Gautham, Ritika Seth, Chetan Shenoy, and Shridhar, moderated by Dipangshu, agreed that AI will create more jobs than it eliminates. They stressed continuous learning and upskilling for young professionals.

A Generation of Cyber Zombies: Good or Bad for the Economy?
Panelists Ritika Seth, Dipangshu Ghoshal, and Helen Peter, moderated by Anmol Mahajan, discussed the economic impact of pervasive technology, balancing its benefits with potential drawbacks like job displacement and reduced social skills.

The US College Campuses: From Models to Attention for the Wrong Reasons; What Has Gone Wrong?
Panelists Helen Peter, Payaswini P Bhasri, Rajath M, and Anmol Mahajan, moderated by Sridhar, examined challenges facing US colleges. They discussed positive aspects and negative perceptions, including shootings, terrorism, and financial problems.

Business Landscape Course for PGDM 2023-25

The Business Landscape course at SDMIMD, offers PGDM students valuable insights into current business trends and practices. Through guest lectures from industry leaders, students gain real-world knowledge on topics such as AI in marketing, international business impacts, and technological advancements in management. This course equips students with the strategic thinking and skills needed to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

A Workshop on Disruptive Technologies 2024

About the Workshop
Disruptive Technologies or innovations have significantly altered the way business operate today and in the future. It changes the way businesses operate, customers consume products and services and the radical shift it brings into the overall ecosystem. Disruptive technologies obliviates the existing systems or habits with far superior and advanced technologies. It has attributes that are recognizably superior which can Simplify, Automate and  paradigm shift technology-business interactions. Some of the disruptive technologies have become Mainstream and we are seeing it impacting businesses and also common person in day to day life.

In this workshop we will understand the functioning, applicability and benefits of some of the top Disruptive Technologies – IoT, 5G, 3D Printing, AR/VR/MR, Generative AI, Edge Computing, Cloud and Headless Commerce

Resource Person
Girish Gopalarao is an Associate Professor of General Management and Systems who researches and teaches strategic management and technology topics. He has over 25+ years of experience in the IT industry working with some of the Fortune 50 companies helping them in their IT transformational journey and adoption of New Age Technologies.

Who can attend?
Academicians, Researchers, Working Professionals, and Individuals with interest in Technology Landscape, Modern Innovations, Futuristic Operating Models and its applicability in today’s business. 

Program Schedule

Time Details
9:30 am – 9:45 am Registration
9:45 am – 10:00 am Inauguration
10:00 am to 11:15 am Session 1: 5G and IoT – Driving Connected Intelligent Systems
11:15 am to 11:45 am Tea / Group Photo Session
11:45 am to 1:00 pm Session 2: AR/VR/MR and Generative Ai – Simplifying Workplace and business 
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Lunch
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm Session 3: Edge Computing and Headless Commerce – Catering to the Next Gen Consumers 
3:15 pm to 3:30 pm  Tea Break 
3:30 pm to 4:45 pm Session 4: 3D Printing and Cloud Computing – Consumerizing Complex Technologies
4:45 pm to 5:00 pm Valedictory and Certificate Distribution

Click here for Registration

The  Program Fees - Rs. 2000 per participant. 
The fee is inclusive of Lunch & Snacks and Certification. Please Note: 25% group discount for 3 or more participants from the same organisation/institution and 25% discount for SDMIMD alumni.

Payment Procedure
Option I: Online payment: https://www.sdmimd.ac.in/sdmpayment/
Option II: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore using the following account number:
The Federal Bank Ltd
Branch Mysore, Jayalakshmi Puram
Beneficiary: SDM Institute for Management Development
SB A/C: 16890100038823
IFSC Code: FDRL0001689
Option III: Payment may be made in the form of DD drawn in favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore.

Quick Contact:
Mr. G. Muddaraj Urs
FDP Coordinator, SDMIMD
Mobile: 9740140485

‘SDMIMD, Mysore Becomes the First B-School in India to Bring AI in Business Management Classroom’

SDMIMD, the premier B School in Mysore, has taken a groundbreaking step by integrating AI into the Business Management classroom. On June 3rd, we inaugurated a comprehensive AI tool for the PGDM Batch 2023-25, in collaboration with the city-based start-up Academi-AI, co-founded by Pramodh BN and partners. This initiative is coordinated by Dr. Riyaz Ahmed, faculty at SDMIMD.
Academi-AI, our customized AI software, creates classroom audio transcripts, queries, and evaluates student responses based on faculty-set parameters. This interactive software enables both faculty and students to delegate repetitive tasks to AI, allowing them to focus on qualitative work, innovation, and improvisation.
The inaugural event featured esteemed guests, including Dr. Mahesh Rao, President of TiE Mysore Chapter, Dr. Dharmaprasad, Founder & MD of Prosetta Bioinformatics and Convener of CII-Industry Institute Panel, Dr. (Lt Col) Prasad SN, Director SDMIMD, and Mr. Pramodh BN of Academi-AI. Dr. Prasad highlighted the long-term goals of this initiative, emphasizing its potential to enhance faculty quality, student learning, and outcome measurement. Dr. Mahesh Rao shared his project leadership experience with IBM, USA during the initial development stages of AI, and Dr. Dharmaprasad commended the students and faculty for embracing technology on their path to excellence.
Dr. Vasumathy HS welcomed the gathering, and Dr. Anand Sasikumar delivered the vote of thanks. The event was graced by SDMIMD students, faculty, and staff.
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