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Alumni talk by Mr Teja Mohan

Mr Teja Mohan, Founder of Wise Money and alumnus of the institute, in his talk on 'Opportunities in the Finance Sector', said, 'Today's Financial Services Sector is embracing talent from across different disciplines to bring in fresh ideas that can disrupt this space. So I wish the best to all the aspirants who want to pursue careers in this sector full of great opportunities. The Indian Financial Services Sector is as bright a star as our Indian Economy at this opportune time. MBA students who aspire to take up careers in the Financial Services Sector can look forward to the immense opportunities available in this space if they hone their skill sets to take on the challenging dynamics of this sector.' The talk has been organized as part of the Orientation Program for PGDM 2023-25 batch, held on July 15, 2023.

Alumni talk by Mr Niranjan Naik

Mr Niranjan Naik, President, Prerana - SDMIMD Alumni Association; and Senior Consultant - Prominent Minds and Bosch, introduced the objective and activities of the association to the new students and called upon to join the online portal to interact with nearly 3000 alumni members spread across the world. He said, 'in today's VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world Network is Net Worth. Young managers should look beyond social media for networking and start interacting in the physical world'. The talk has been organized as part of the Orientation Program for PGDM 2023-25 batch, held on July 15, 2023.

Invited Talk by Dr. Vidyasagar

Dr. Vidyasagar, Chethana Trust, Mysore, delivered a talk for first year students of PGDM 2023-25, held on July 14, 2023. The talk has been organized as a part of the Orientation program.

Guest Talk on Business Analytics by Dr. Siamak Zadeh Professor

A highly informative and engaging guest talk on the importance of Business Analytics for today’s management scenario was delivered by Dr. Siamak Zadeh on 14th July 2023 in online mode. Dr. Siamak is a Professor & Data Scientist and Director of Data Analytics at the Ageno School of Business & Undergraduate Studies, Golden Gate University, San Francisco. In his talk, he delved into the key aspects of analytics, emphasizing its significance in the current world of big data and its transformative impact on organizations.
The audience gained valuable insights into the analytics process and its systematic approach. From data collection and cleansing to data analysis and interpretation, the talk highlighted the importance of a well-structured analytics workflow. Dr. Siamak shared real-world examples of how analytics has empowered organizations to derive value from their data and how it has led to improved efficiency, better customer insights, cost optimization, and enhanced overall performance.

Invited talk on Role of Management Graduates in a Technology Organization

Ms. Poornima Srihari, Senior Delivery Manager, Infosys Limited, addressed the students of PGDM 2023-25 batch and gave an insightful talk on how Infosys founders joined hands and built the company from scratch in 1981, which has become a NYSE listed global Consulting and IT services company today. She has given an insider view of work culture, business ethics, professional outlook towards all stakeholders, Challenges and opportunities at Infosys ltd.
Ms. Harshita, from Talent acquisition department, highlighted various roles available for Management graduates in Infosys Limited and Infosys BPM and explained the growth path for Management trainees/Associate consultants in Infosys.  
It was organized as part of the orientation program for the PGDM 2023-25 batch on July 13, 2023

Talk on Unlocking Leadership Potential by Mr. Dharma Prasad

Mr. Dharma Prasad delivered an inspiring talk about unlocking leadership potential on July 13, 2023. He eloquently expressed that while automation may replace many tasks, leading and inspiring people will always remain a distinctly human endeavor and be in high demand. According to him, everyone possesses inherent leadership potential, regardless of their specialization or industry affiliation. However, the key lies in polishing this potential to let it shine brightly.
Drawing from a wealth of wisdom and personal experiences, he underscored the significance of family, friends, knowledge, and skills in navigating the journey of life. As he shared numerous insightful nuggets, he emphasized the pursuit of richness in various dimensions - be it financial wealth, meaningful relationships, purposeful actions, time management, or physical well-being. He rightly emphasized that finding the right balance in these different dimensions of richness can lead to genuine happiness and contentment in life.
To the students in the audience, he stressed the criticality of networking and building connections with others as an essential ingredient for success. 

Invited talk by Mr. Ravi Challu

Mr. Ravi Challu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at WiseOwl Consulting LLP, addressed the students of PGDM 2023-25 and gave an insightful talk on Success mantra. He highlighted the importance of Self discovery of personal Goal & understanding of what makes the students happy in their day today life.
He urged them to introspect and find out their passion and work towards it in every moment of life. He has explained them to utilise the time to the maximum today to become successful tomorrow. He correlated that by giving an example of squeezing the lemon fully to get maximum juice out of it. He asked the students to value every second of their life today and live in every moment of it.
He summed up with key points of success mantra as:
Live life to the fullest today like you squeeze the lemon to get maximum out of it and develop a positive attitude for that. Self-reflection and working towards personal and professional goals in every moment of life is the key to success.

It was organized as part of the orientation program for the PGDM 2023-25 batch on July 12, 2023

Workshop on Personality Development

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Professor - OB & HR, SDMIMD, conducted the 'Workshop on Personality Development' for the new PGDM Batch on July 11, 12 & 13, 2023. The workshop helped the young managers to understand their personality types and areas for improvement. The activity-based workshop was administered section-wise by the faculty resource. The workshop was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2023.

Workshop on Design Thinking

A workshop on Design Thinking was organized for the new PGDM 2023-25 batch on July 11 & 12, 2023. The workshop focused on introducing the concept and process of design thinking in a real-time environment in the industry and in personal life. The activity-based workshop introduced -  empathy, innovation, and iterations - with a case study on the collective governance model. The workshop was part of the Orientation Program 2023 and was designed & offered by Dr Sunil M.V., Faculty – Systems & General Management, SDMIMD.
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