Guest Lecture 2425

Guest talk by Mr. Gangadhar Krishnan

On June 27, 2024, SDMIMD had the honor of hosting a guest lecture on "The Role of Passion in Career Success: Building a Path to Fulfillment and Achievement" by the remarkable Mr. Gangadhar Krishnan. Mr. Krishnan is a true embodiment of adventure and innovation, with a journey that inspires and captivates. As a full-time traveler and the visionary founder of the donation-based family travel startup, U@U Family Travel Specialist, he has dedicated his life to exploring the enchanting regions of Northeast India. He made the courageous decision to leave behind a lucrative corporate career to fully embrace his love for travel. Since then, he has devoted six months each year to traversing the breathtaking landscapes of Northeast India.
Mr. Gangadhar shared his incredible experiences, the challenges he faced, and the joys he discovered along his journey. He spoke on a variety of fascinating topics, including homeschooling, where he discussed the principles and practices emphasizing its flexibility and unique learning opportunities for families on the move. Building on this, he introduced the concept of road schooling, a dynamic educational approach where learning takes place on the road, allowing children to learn from real-world experiences and diverse environments. He also captivated the audience with vivid descriptions of his travels. His stories of adventure, resilience, and innovation resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring us all to pursue our passions and think creatively about making a positive impact in the world.
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