Invited Talk on Microfinance by Dr.Rangan Varadan, CEO MicroGram

Dr. Rangan Varadan, Founder and CEO,  MicroGram delivered a lecture on November 9, 2017 to the participants of workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change.  Dr.Rangan spoke on the role of micro finance and micro finance institutions in inclusive sustainable growth in Indian context. He shed light on the existence, functioning, challenges and the future of microfinance in India.

Workshop Keynote on Sustainability by Dr. Parameshwar P Iyer

Dr. Parameshwar P Iyer, Principal Research Scientist at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore delivered keynote address to the participants of the pre-conference workshop on Inclusive Sustainable Growth: Challenges of Change on November 9, 2017. While speaking on the topic   “Sustainability in Management of Technology”, Prof.Iyer described how fostering and recognizing ongoing innovation and research as intellectual property is important not only for developing businesses and economies, but can also play a major role in reducing the plight of the rural population.