Campus News

Repeat Workshop on QDSA

Due to the overwhelming response and demand for the 2-Day workshop on ‘Questionnaire Design and Statistical Analysis’ held in May 2015, a repeat workshop was held on June 25 & 26, 2015. The workshop attracted participants across the State and from neighboring States. 
Inaugurating the workshop Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD said ‘researchers should use the technological tools in research and publication activity, this can help them to present the data in a more effective way’. The research should contribute to the development of the area of study and the society at large, he added. 
The resource persons of the workshop Dr. M.R. Suresh, Dr. G. Lakshminarayana and Prof. Minhaj were present. The workshop coordinator Dr. Sunil M.V. delivered the vote of thanks. 

International Yoga Day Celebrated @ SDMIMD

“Food, fear, reproduction are common amongst men and beasts” said Prof Narasimhan, Director, Anantha Research Foundation, Mysore, quoting the Upanishads, “but what differentiates men from beasts is the power of discrimination or viveka.  Yoga is the royal pathway to hone this viveka”.  Prof Narasimhan was addressing the students, the faculty and the invited guests at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) during the yoga day on 24 June 2015. 
He said, in pursuit of basic instincts, the more positive emotions, such as love, kindness and brotherhood get subdued.  It does not mean to say that pursuit of pleasure is proscribed in scriptures; Vedas do not eulogise giving up this life for the sake of the other.  They call our attention to freedom, which is our very nature.  Taking the example of drinking coffee he said, “I do enjoy coffee but can live without it too!”  How can one “attain” (such a freedom is always ours but forgotten) such a state of mind? Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita give us a set of techniques by which one can have control on mind and enjoy life here and here-after.   Yoga, in the sense of eight limbed or ashtanga yoga, elevate man from animal-man to divine-man and help him overcome the fear at the body, nervous, mind and the intellectual levels.  The harmonious interaction of the body, mind, intellect and the spirit is the aim of yoga, he said. (The root form of yoga is yuj, which means, “to join”.)
Dr Jayashree, Professor of Sanskrit and Founder of Ananata Research Foundation began and end the talk in Shruti Parampara by rendering melodiously appropriate Santi mantras.  The scintillating talk was followed by an animated discussion and was preceded by a wonderful demonstration of yoga asanas by the students of SDMIMD.  Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, Dr. H. Gayathri, Deputy Director, SDMIMD, Prof Govinda Sharma and Prof Lisa Garner Santa were present during the function. 

MDP for Postal Department Inspectors

A 3-Day Management Development Program was conducted by the SDMIMD faculty members Dr. H. Gayathri, Deputy – Director & Professor - Marketing, and Dr. M. R. SureshProfessor - Marketing, for Inspectors of Department of Posts at Postal Training Centre, Mysore (PTC). The participants were drawn from different states across the country. The sessions spread across April and May 2015 covered Making Business Plans, SWOT Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Customer Relationship Management, Market Segmentation and Marketing Research.

Visit to Dharmasthala by SDMites

The week-long orientation program for the new batch of PGDM 2015-17 concluded with a visit to Dharmasthala on June 19 & 20, 2015. The two-day trip was packed with visits to Shanthivana, Ratnamanasa, Bahubali Hill, Vintage Car Museum, Manjusha Museum and Dharshan of Lord Manjunatheshwara, the main deity of Dharmasthala.  Students enjoyed the traditional hospitality and food in Dharmasthala. The students were introduced to the administration and management of the holy place by Sri D. Harshendra Kumar, Honarable Secretary, SDM Educational Trust.

‘Passion’ is the Mantra for Success

On June 18, 2015 a life timer at TCS, Ms. Anjana K.R., General Manager – HR, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bengaluru, gave a perspective of TCS as an organization and shared her views on what it takes to succeed as a professional. Ms. Anjana had an interactive session during which she articulated the skills and abilities management graduates should have to succeed in the workplace. Ms. Anjana emphasized that to be valuable in corporate life we should follow our passion.

Learning from Success Stories

Mr. Sunil D.A.G. Kutty, Head – HR, Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, delivered the invited talk on ‘SFB – Managing Transition @ Ujjivan’ on June 18, 2015 at the Institute auditorium. Mr. Sunil shared the success story of Ujjivan with the PGDM 2015-17 attending the Orientation Lecture Series 2015. The students were able to amalgamate the best practices of Ujjivan in this lecture. Decentralized management team, strong corporate governance, geographically diversified business with localized management, robust risk Management, strong IT enabled (backed), excellent relationship with investors, good ROI, good relationship with local Regulators & Administration, are some of the areas touched upon by Mr. Sunil during his talk.