Guest Lecture 1415

Guest lecture by Ms.Swarna Gowri

Ms. Swarna Gowri, a consultant in the area of learning and psychological development held a day-long workshop for the benefit of students who have undertaken a project on “Impact of Yoga on emotional intelligence of management students” on 8 February 2015. The activity based workshop introduced the students to the concept of emotional intelligence, purpose of life, role of emotional intelligence in interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and how Yoga helps developing emotional intelligence. The workshop was very well received.

Guest lecture by Sundar K.S

Mr. Sundar, Associate Vice President, Education and Research, Global Education Centre, Infosys, Mysore addressed the students on 7 February 2015 on the topic “Ethical practices in IT” as a part of the course “Ethics and Values in Management”. He gave insights as to how People, Process and Products are the components of ethical process in IT and illustrated it with a case study of Infosys. He elaborated on the value systems at Infosys, C-Life, which is an acronym for Client value, Leading by example, Integrity and Excellence. The talk was followed by a lively question and answer session. Some of the students took this opportunity to interview him as a part of Activity Based Learning cell.