SDMIMD Faculty

SDMIMD’s distinguished faculty comprises professors and lecturers with wide-ranging knowledge and experience of both the academic and corporate sectors. The course content and lecture structure are completely relevant to industry practices and corporate governance. SDMIMD’s faculty members are also frequent guest lecturers at other leading academic and training institutes, including IIMs.

For more details about SDMIMD Faculty, visit: https://sdmimd.ac.in/core-faculty

MBS Faculty

At Montpellier Business School, the faculty members are at the heart of an interrelationship based on close links between teaching, cutting-edge research and business relations. These links allow our research, whose quality is recognised by international standards of excellence (publications including the international frameworks of excellence at all levels), to be innovative but also to have direct implications on both business and civil society. These close links also allow participants in our various educational programmes to be in touch with the reality of the business world.
For more details about MBS Faculty, visit: https://www.montpellier-bs.com/international/faculty-and-research/faculty-departments/

UP Faculty

Academic excellence ensures the acquisition of the knowledge, competencies, and skills needed to enter the work force. It also ensures an appropriate balance among humanistic subjects, scientific subjects, and professional practice.

Our faculty is made up of active professionals with a profound knowledge of their subjects. We also count among our teaching staff professionals dedicated to research in their fields of specialization.

Pedagogy at UP forms men and women capable of transforming the world through education. The school generated content with high academic value in the field of Education in Mexico through the magazine Educación es la clave. Link: https://www.up.edu.mx/en