Paper Submission

Abstract Submission
Abstract should not be more than 500 words. It may contain the proposed title of the paper, study rationale and coverage, objectives, methodology and significance. An abstract should accompany 5 key words. Submit abstract before: August 31, 2017.

Full Paper Submission
Full paper should be less than 6,000 words. It may have an abstract, 5 key words, introduction, literature review, study objectives and methodology, analysis & discussion, conclusion and scope for further study followed by references. The format is only indicative and author may customise it to the requirement. Submit full paper before: October 10, 2017

Review Process
The abstracts/ full papers submitted for the possible presentation in the conference are subject to a blind review process. The review is on the rolling basis. The decision of the reviewers will be final and binding. Acceptance/comments of the reviewers of the abstract/full paper will be communicated to the corresponding author within a week of the receipt of the abstract/paper.

Author Guidelines

  • Abstract & full paper must contain the name of the author/s, complete address, email id and mobile number.
  • Citations & references should comply with the APA style of referencing. For details on APA referencing style, please visit
  • Submission must be in MS-Word format (no other format will be accepted) with all four sides 1 inch margin. Should be typed in calibri (body) with a letter font size of 11. Paper title in 16 and all sub-headings in 12. Keep line spacing at 1.15.
  • Submit abstract/full paper via email to: