Marketing in a digital world

October 26-27, 2017, Mysore, India

Key note Speaker Valedictory Speaker Technical session Speaker
Mr. B.C Rao
Managing Director
Kennametal India Ltd, Bangalore
Dr. Bhimaraya Metri
IIM Trichy
Mr.Venguswamy Ramaswamy
Global Head, iON
Tata Consultancy Services
Technical session Speaker
Mr. N. Ravi Shankar
CEO, Aim High Consulting

Marketing over the years has become dynamic and complex. With emergence of digital media, marketing is currently witnessing radical changes in development, design and delivery of not only promotion, but also in pricing, channel management etc. In the midst of ever-changing digital advances, marketing has become more complicated and throws up new opportunities and challenges for companies. The shift from traditional to digital marketing has put immense pressure on companies to understand their customers’ buying habits and behaviour better. The nature of changes witnessed in digital media is forcing companies to gain more insights about the customers and to understand, reach and connect with them in a more precise manner.

Conference Objective

In the current digital context, the objective of this two day ‘International Conference on Marketing’ is to provide a platform for the industry, marketing practitioners and academia to share their knowledge and experiences of marketing in the digital milieu. The conference is expected to be a confluence of marketing minds, where there will be active sharing of best practices of contemporary marketing in digital era.