Program Structure

For One-Year Full-time Residential PGPM program has 90 credits distributed in 4 Terms and has 720 teaching hours including Socially Relevant Project, Study Abroad Program, and, Corporate Immersion Program.

General Structure

  1. The 1-year full-time residential PGPM program comprises of 4 semesters each of duration varying from 10 to 13 weeks.
  2. The general course contents and curriculum are designed considering the latest development in the business environment and managerial thought and in line with practices in other leading B-Schools the world over.
  3. All the courses in the first & second terms are compulsory core courses. These courses equip the students with basic knowledge in various areas of management.
  4. The courses in the 3rd and 4th terms are a mix of Core and Specialization elective Courses with an integrated approach. This integrated specialization courses emphasize the multifunctional and strategic dimensions in decision – making, and include courses related to different functional areas as well general areas.
  5. The integrated Specialization that comprises salient Courses from the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Operations, and Systems, along with Core in other management areas.
  6. SDMIMD has built into its curriculum some unique courses and programs that distinguish it from other Institutes, such as Business Ethics, Socially Relevant Project, Study Abroad Program and Corporate Immersion Program.

Term 1 and 2 Courses

During the first two term, a student will be required to do the stipulated number of credits spread over 10 – 13 weeks. The Institute may change the number of credits based on current needs. The list of core courses offered for PGCM 2019-20 during Term I and Term II  are detailed below.

Term 1 Courses (Tentative) Term 2 Courses (Tentative)
Business Communication (3 Credits) Logistic & Supply Chain Management (2 Credits)
Corporate Finance (3 Credits) Operations Management (2 Credits)
Financial Accounting (2 Credits) Organizational Behaviour (3 Credits)
Fundamentals of Business Data Analysis (3 Credits) Management Information Systems(2 Credits)
Human Resources Management (3 Credits) Business Research Methods (3 Credits)
Information Technology for Management (3 Credits) Managerial Economics (3 Credits)
Management Accounting (2 Credits) Business Negotiation Skills (3 Credits)
Marketing Management (3 Credits) Corporate Social Responsibility (2 Credits)
Social Relevant Project (3 Credits)

Integrated Specialization and Electives

Beginning of Term 3, the PGCM office shall announce the list of courses on offer as Integrated Specialization. Also, a bouquet of courses will be on offer to complete the Course credit and the requirement. The integrated specialization courses offered to PGCM 2019-20 Batch during Term III and Term IV are detailed below.

Term 3 Courses (Tentative) Term 4 Courses (Tentative)
Sales & Distribution Management
Business Marketing
Product Strategy & Branding Management
Digital Marketing
Human Resource Management
Compensation Management
Training & Development
Human Resource Management
Recruitment & Selection”
International HRM
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Project Appraisal
Financial Statement Analysis
International Finance
Project Management
Strategic Quality Management
Business Analytics
Business Intelligence
Business Ethics
Strategic Management
International Business

Award of Certificate

On successful completion of the requirements of the programme, a student is awarded the Post-Graduate Program in Management (Full Time), which is issued under the aegis of SDMIMD.