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There were many events that happened as part of SDMIMD’s Entrepreneurship Cell initiatives.

  • Swayam – The entrepreneurship cell of SDMIMD was inaugurated on the 12th of September. Swayam is in collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN). The chief guests wereMr. B.R. Pai, a well-renowned entrepreneur and the founder of CWF industries, Mysore, and Ms. Chaitali, NEN consultant. At the function the official logo of Swayam along with the Facebook page of Swayam was launched by Dr. H. Gayathri, Deputy Director, SDMIMD. Ms. Chaitali narrated the story of how NEN was founded and how it grew from strength to strength. She also provided us the plan of activities that NEN will conduct at SDMIMD. Professor M.R. Suresh addressed the gathering about the importance of having entrepreneurship cells in insititutions and about the up coming B-Plan competition for the students of SDMIMD. It took two years to conceptualise the initiative and SDMIMD has signed an MoU with NEN. Mr. B.R. Pai shared his experiences with the gathering and gave insights into the current scenario for entrepreneurs in India. He also gave valuable tips to the budding entrepreneurs at SDMIMD
  • Mr. C. Balagopal, Senior Advisor at Terumo Penpol Ltd. & Director at Enter Technologies Pvt Ltd., delivered a talk on “Bureaucrat to Entrepreneur” on September 27, 2013 at SDMIMD. An IAS officer turned entrepreneur shared his ideas on start-ups and the importance of holding onto principles right from the initial stages.
  • On Oct 16, 6 students of SDMIMD, attended the E-leader workshop at Vidyavardaka college at Mysore and organised by NEN. The workshop introduced students to the concept of an e-leader and why it was required. There were a number of activities that conveyed the instincts of participants and how they can be avoided and also the necessary characteristics required for group or a team effort.
  • At present, as an ongoing experiential entrepreneurship activity, SDMIMD students have launched a chocolate making initiative as campus venture. The product is now retailed in campus canteen and during campus events.
  • 10 student teams have submitted their initial Business Plan as part of the run-up to theBusiness Plan competition to be held in Dec 2013 and evaluation is under process.
  • A case study competition for first year PGDM has also been announced.
  • Swayam - The Entrepreneurship Cell of SDMIMDorganised a 'Business plan and business model workshop' on the 18th of October for the participants of BigFuture, B-plan competition at SDMIMD in collaboration with NEN.The workshop was conducted by IIIT, Bangalore faculty Mr. Milind Priolkar and associated with BNA Technology Consulting as Executive VP.  Mr. Priolkar is also an entrepreneur and has vast experience in conducting workshops for entrepreneurs. There are no bad ideas. An idea just needs to fetch the right opportunity and a little modification, if necessary, was his advice to budding entrepreneurs at SDMIMD.

Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition

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Times of India Deccan Herald | Star of Mysore

Prof Y Bhagavan Memorial Inter Collegiate State Level English Debate Competition jointly organized by Rotary Mid Town Mysore and Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development Mysore, was inaugurated this morning at the Institute's Auditorium. The event attracted 60 Debaters from various colleges within Karnataka. Mr L Govindaraj, Senior Advocate and close friend of Late Prof Y Bhagavan was the invited Chief Guest. Speaking on the occasion, veteran Advocate said, Prof Y Bhagavan was an outstanding and brilliant English Teacher and was known for his magical lectures. He called upon the modern youth to make good use of  modern electronic tools to enhance debating capabilities. He pointed out that there is vast difference between debates of yesteryear and modern times. Debates used to be for and against on any given issue, whereas, in the present times, one can elaborately talk on single sided issues viz. truth vs truth, right vs right and democracy vs democracy. Earlier, Rtn. S. Bhanu Chandran brought the gathering to order and welcomed the participants. Dr N.R. Parasuraman Director SDMIMD, in his talk,  said that the Institute was witnessing a major debate event and expressed his consent to conduct similar events in the future.

5 First Prizes Dasara Flower Show competition

In the recently held Dasara Flower Show Competition, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) garden has bagged 5 first prizes in various categories. The Best Educational Institute Garden award was won successively for the 9 years. The judges appreciated the efforts of the horticulture department staff and awarded the Rolling Cup (award) under this category. The Mexican Lawn covering the large area of the garden won the first prize in Best Lawn Category. The other categories in which SDMIMD stood FISRT are Best Ornamental Plants, Best Fruit Plants and the Annual Flower Yield. SDMIMD congratulates Sri. Veerabhadrappa, Garden Supervisor and his team for the awards. 

Dasara Celebration by SDMites

The Mysore Dasara is Big. For SDMites, it is special with rich experience. The festival changes the monotonous way of life, makes it a bit more colourful with many exciting things to look forward to. It is this spirit that makes the festival so special. The essence of spirituality was in the air. SDMites organized Saraswati Pooja for all the faculty members and the students on campus. Right from decorating the place to worship in a grand manner befitting the occasion to providing prasadam, the students and staff members managed effectively with devotion. The best part of the whole evening was the devotional Carnatic rendered by Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, our Director. The faculty, staff and students participated in Aarti and the entire function was enjoyed by all. This was followed by Durga Puja celebration. Bengalis love food. Also, Bengalis love feeding others. After the Durga Puja, a perfect occasion for the Bengalis to treat the whole college to a Bengali style feast. At the end of the feast the whole college was burping with contentment and licking their fingers. We only hope that the piousness of the occasion is rewarded by the continued blessings of Maa Saraswati and Maa Durga on the students who are here on campus to learn.

Abhigyaan 2013

The Two Day Annual event "ABHIGYAAN 2013", Management Fest for Undergraduate students was concluded on 6th October 2013 at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development Mysore. Vidhya Ashram First Grade College Students emerged as overall champions by winning First Prizes in two events Sell Your Spark & Uncanny Enigma and a Second Prize in the event Dossier. Mr Neeladri Das from Alliance University Bangalore win the Best Manager event Tycoon. The Prizes were given away by Mr A.R. Dwarakanath Trainer - Corporate Wellness & Executive - Public Relations of SDMIMD.

Onam Celebration @ SDMIMD

It is normally said that it rains on auspicious occasions. It did so, when King Mahabali visited SDMIMD to bless the gathered SDMites.Onam is a festival celebrated by the people of Kerala to welcome the arrival of their beloved king Mahabali, during whose reign Kerala prospered.Onam started off with the renowned Kerala lunch – ‘Sadya’ with around 14 dishes served on plantain leaf and ‘payasam’ to complete the meal. Later in the evening, the visit of the Mahabali was welcomed with the display of fireworks. The ladies looked stunning in the Kerala saree and the gentleman complemented them by draping in traditional ‘mundu’. A variety of games was lined up for the excited students. To name a few - ‘chilli-eating’, ‘water balloons’, ‘Onathallu’ and ‘Uriyadi’ . ‘Thiruvathira’ a traditional Kerala dance by the girls, by its grace and simplicity stole the show.The celebration displayed pomp and grandeur and brought smiles to the onlookers.

Convergence 3i – The Industry Institute Interface

Convergence 3i, the Industry Institution Interface organised by SDMIMD and CII, reflects the changing face of education

SDMIMD Mysore, in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), recently hosted Convergence 3i for the benefit of final year undergraduate students in the area. The Industry Institution Interface, held on 27th September 2013, was meant to help aspiring students understand the expectations and requirements of industry. At the same time, it also aimed to sensitise industry to the expectations students have of their future employers. The conference managed to achieve these goals effectively by bringing together renowned industry names, academic stalwarts and students on a platform where different ideas converged and led to a win-win situation for all. 

The list of eminent personalities at the conference included big names from industry and academia. Mr. S. Nagarajan (Chairman, CII Mysore), Prof. S. N. Prasad (Convenor, Industry Institute Partnership Panel, CII Mysore), Dr. N. R. Parasuraman (Director, SDMIMD), Mr. Ashok Rao (President & Whole Time Director, Automotive Axles Ltd.) and Chief Guest, Mr. L. Krishnan (Immediate Past Chairman, CII Karnataka & Managing Director, TaeguTec India Pvt. Ltd.) gave inspiring speeches to start the conference on a rousing note and were a hit with their audience.
Landing a much-deserved job at the end of their studies is the final goal for all students, but is the education they get preparing them for the first step in their professional lives? That’s one of the questions the conference wished to address. Dr. Parasuraman talked about different aspects of education that need to be looked into to ensure that it meets students’ aspirations. “Is the curriculum designed to be practical? Are education institutes changing with the changing habits of students?” he asked amidst huge applause from students in the audience.
There was a lot for students to take back from the talks during the day. For instance, Mr. Rao made some interesting observations in his speech. “Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself. Facebook and text book are equally important,” he quipped, striking a chord with the students. He then urged them to not be shy about going back to their textbooks to brush up the fundamentals. Mr. Krishnan talked about the changing environment in the field of education and business, and the need to adapt systems accordingly. “There is a need to constantly self-learn, unlearn and learn again. Some diversity in learning is very important for the holistic development of an individual,” he said. 
For students who wanted to know the way to go about the initial years in their professional careers, Mr. Krishnan had sound advice as he said, “In the first 10 years of your career, take in as many diverse learning experiences as possible. Be adventurous and learn.”
The participants were already feeling inspired by the experts when they were treated to a lively panel discussion involving Mr. K. S. Sundar (Sr. Lead Principal - Education & Research, Infosys Ltd.), Mr. S. V. Venkatesh (Managing Director & CEO, RiiT) and Mr. Vinayak Bhat (Sr. HR, Triton Valves Ltd.). ‘Industry Expectations From Budding Managers’ was the topic under discussion and it seemed appropriate that a student from SMDIMD played the role of the moderator.
The panellists discussed the changes in the student community, and their ambitions and expectations over the last couple of decades, setting the tone for an interactive session. Mr. Sundar also talked about the need for industry and institutes to work together to bridge the gap. Mr. Venkatesh made his listeners sit up with interest when he asked students to be like Panipuri stalls. “Keep picking up skills as and when needed. Don’t focus on CTC, focus on your task, focus on your overall career,” he explained. The panellists then accepted questions from the audience and answered them to their evident satisfaction.
The conference packed a punch, with a talk by Wg. Cdr. Manjunath (Head Training, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.) on ‘Training for Making You Job Ready’. Given its relevance for students, the talk was hugely anticipated and it didn’t disappoint on any count. While the talks and discussions for the day had students buzzing with excitement, their skills and aptitude were brought to the fore through a session of ‘Mind Games for Future Leaders’. The session which focused on the theme “Innovation in StartUp”, had Mr. V. Lokesh (CEO & Senior Advisor, Innomantra Consulting) at the helm, bringing them to their feet and was the perfect culmination to the events of the day. 
The conference offered an opportunity for students to interact with industry experts and turned out to be an eye-opener for them. The luminaries, on the other hand, left feeling refreshed and excited seeing the enthusiasm and dedication of students. It was a true convergence of ideas and experiences, where everyone went home richer for having been there.