About Us

E-Cell’s purpose is to create a culture of entrepreneurship among the students.


  • The prime objective of the E-Cell will to help the students to develop business ideas who are eager to become entrepreneurs but are unsure about the way forward.
  • E-Cell will help both budding and would-be entrepreneurs with refining ideas and providing practical guidance.
  • E-Cell wanted to undertake research activities, training entrepreneurs, identifying opportunities and pursuing them.

E-Cell also help the students to:

  • Understand the role and importance of entrepreneurs in the modern economy
  • Identify the traits of successful entrepreneurs
  • Think about whether they might want to be an entrepreneur
  • Evaluate the trade-off between risk and reward for entrepreneurs
  • Learn the ways entrepreneurs fund their businesses

Finally, We at SDMIMD E- Cell, believe in getting down to the brass tacks right away, create individuals and enterprises that are ready to take on the challenges in this cut-throat competitive world and do not melt down under the broad daylight.

E-Cell core committee members:

President: Shuvam Das
Vice President: Namitha Tr
Secretary: Prerna Nath
Experential Learning head: Afzana Shaji and Cyril Varghese
Public relations: Sanchita Singh and Ramchandra Udapi
Committee Administrator: Atreyee Acharya