The following guidelines governing award of degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) is in accordance with the Ph.D. Regulations 2017 of the University of Mysore, Mysore. The course work framed by the UOM conducted during pre-registration in the compulsory courses for all the candidates seeking admissions for the Ph.D program.


Candidates who have completed MBA or any other Master's Degree with 55% & above. For the additional eligibility the candidate has to qualify any of the following examintaions with the Management as the Subject in the entrance exam.

  1. National Eligibity Test (NET)
  2. Karnataka State Eligibility Test (KSET)
  3. Univeristy of Mysore - Ph.D Entrance Exam
  4. Candidates qualified for University Grants Commission – Junior Research Fellow (UGC-JRF)
  5. M.Phil. Degree completed having entered the program through an prescribed entrance exam. 
Please note: Foreign nationals have to submit the application along with the eligibility certificate provided by the International center of University of Mysore.For more inforamation please contact the Drector, International Center, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore.
Selection Process
  1. The Doctoral Committee constituted as per the norms of the University Ph.D. regulations 2017 will govern the Doctoral Program of SDM RCMS. The selection of the candidate for the program is at the discretion of the Doctoral Committee of SDM RCMS, SDMIMD, Mysore.
  2. The doctoral committee will allocate the recognized guide for the program considering the regulation laid by the University Ph.D. regulations 2017.
  3. The selected candidate has to complete the enrollment process as per the norms of the UOM with the prescribed fee for the Univeristy & SDMRCMS.
Research Course Work
  1. The selected candidate has to complete the prescribed Research Course Work of the University of Mysore within 2 years of enrollment.
  2. The candidates shall undergo research course work at UOM for a minimum duration of 15 class contact hours on the subjects stipulated by the University of Mysore for the purpose. Paper 1: Advanced Research Methodology | Paper 2: Review of Literature
  1. After successful completion of course works, the candidates are required to finalize the title of the thesis in consultation with the guide and then submit the application for registration with the synopsis to the Directorate of Research, University of Mysore, Mysore, through SDM RCMS and attend the pre-registration colloquium conducted by the SDMRCMS Doctoral Committee.
  2. The Ph.D registration process should be taken care as indicated in the regulations of UOM.
Additional Course Work
  1. At the discretion of the Doctoral Committee, the candidate will be required to attend 30 contact sessions of One hour each on the selected Doctoral course works spread over two (2) terms conducted by SDM RCMS. Candidates are required to remit a fee of Rs. 30,000 for each term to SDMIMD for the said course. In case of candidates who have adequate academic / work experience, the requirement of attending classes may be waived by the doctoral committee of SDMIMD. However, all the candidates are required to go through the examination process for the selection of subjects, along with performance assessment exercises.
  2. The candidates are required to obtain grades in the selected subjects of the Doctoral course work in both the term to the satisfaction of the respective guides and in any case, the grade cannot be lower than ‘B’ grade (or 60%) in the subjects. If this requirement is not met, the guide may ask the candidate to redo these course by appearing in a separate examination and undergoing orientation by paying a fee of RS.10,000 per subject. Again, the decision of Doctoral committee will be final in this matter.
Progress Report
  1. The candidates registered for Ph.D as above have to submit their progress report once in a year. Added to this, they have to make a presentation before the guide and/or Doctoral Committee. The progress report of the research work with the prescribed tuition fee should be submitted to the Director of Research, University of Mysore, Mysore, through SDM Research Center for Management Studies, once in a year. Failure to submit the report will entail cancellation of the registration as per the University Ph.D. regulations 2017.
  2. The candidates have to publish at least one paper in a refereed journal every year of the period leading to the final submission of the thesis. These papers should be under the broad topical area of the thesis.
Thesis Submission
  1. On satisfactory completion of research work and subject to the approval from the guide, the candidate can go through the formalities of University of Mysore, Ph.D. regulations process for submision of thesis.
  2. The candidate will full-fill the requirements for the thesis submission indicated by the UOM regulations in clauses 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 and submit the thesis as per the guidelines for Doctoral Research in Page No’s from 12 to 17 of the UOM regulations.
  3. The thesis submitted along with necessary enclosures will be forwarded to the Directorate of Research, University of Mysore, Mysore, through SDM RCMS, Mysore for further evaluation. The results will be conveyed as per the information from the Directorate of Research, University of Mysore, Mysore.
Please note
  1. All other rules will be as per the regulations of the University of Mysore from time to time. The above guidelines/regulations are subject to change based on the decisions taken by the Doctoral Committee.
  2. All candidates will have to adhere to the rules of SDM RCMS in respect of conduct and procedures, framed from time to time, and any failure to adhere to these requirements could result in discontinuation of the program.
  3. Candidates making an application for this program will have to sign a declaration that they have understood the rules in its entirety and that they will conduct themselves in a proper manner.

The Regulations/Guidelines of the UOM is also available in the UOM website

Please refer the clauses mentioned for the respective Universities for details about the process

Process Involved

University of Mysore, Mysore (as per the regulations for the Academic Year 2017 onwards)


Please refer 5.4

Admission Test

Candidates qualified for University Grants Commission – Junior Research Fellow (UGC-JRF) or with M.Phil. Degree completed having entered the program through an prescribed entrance exam are exempted from Admission Entrance Test.

For rest other Please refer clause 5.5


Please refer clause 5.6

Allocation of Guide

Please refer clause 5.6 & 5.7


Please refer clause 5.7

Pre-registration Course Work

Please refer clause 6.1


Please refer clause 6.2 & 6.3

Synopsis Presentation

Please refer clause 6.4 & 6.5


Please refer clause 6.6, 6.7, 6.9; Foreign candidates please refer clause 6.10 also

Doctoral Program Course 1 (in Term I)

Conducted by SDM RCMS, SDMIMD, Mysore

Doctoral Program Course 2 (in Term II)

Conducted by SDM RCMS, SDMIMD, Mysore

Review and Presentation

Please refer clause 7.1, 7.2, 7.3

Pre-submission Presentation

Please refer clause 8.1

Thesis Submission

Please refer clause 8.2 & 8.3


Please refer clause 8.4, 8.5, 8.6 & 8.7


Please refer clause 8.8 & 8.9