VVCE's Nirvaaha 2024: A Triumph for SDMIMD Students

The Department of Business Administration at VVCE recently hosted Nirvaaha 2024, a prestigious inter-college event held on June 29th, 2024. Students from the SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) achieved remarkable success, showcasing their talent and innovative thinking.
Mr. Rakshith M R and Mr. Rajath M secured top honors in the Business Plan Presentation with their groundbreaking idea, "EcoWrap." This victory underscores their creativity and dedication, reflecting SDMIMD's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices.
In addition, Ms. Vismaya S, Mr. Vijay Anand A, and Mr. Prasanth S demonstrated their ingenuity with their impactful business idea on hydroponic farming, earning them recognition. Their achievement highlights the innovative spirit and problem-solving skills nurtured at SDMIMD.
These accomplishments at Nirvaaha 2024 exemplify SDMIMD's role in preparing future leaders to tackle global challenges through innovative and sustainable business solutions. The institute continues to inspire and support its students in their journey towards creating a better, more sustainable future.