Workshop on Legal Aspects of Business

SDMIMD had the privilege of hosting Dr. Hema Harsha, an acclaimed expert with 25 years of experience in both the IT sector and academia. Dr. Harsha, an Associate Professor at MP Birla Institute of Management and a seasoned consultant in POSH and DEI, delivered a dynamic and informative workshop on business law, held on June 10-11, 2024.
Workshop Highlights:
  • POSH: Detailed the POSH Act of 2013, emphasizing employer responsibilities and the establishment of Internal Committees for a harassment-free workplace.
  • IPR: Explained the importance of patents, copyrights, and trademarks in protecting business innovations.
  • Company Law: Discussed the Companies Act 2013, corporate governance, legal requirements, and CSR initiatives.
  • IT Act: Covered legal recognition of digital documents and essential cybersecurity measures.
  • Contract Act: Emphasized key elements of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, for enforceable business agreements.
Dr. Harsha’s workshop provided invaluable knowledge on legal frameworks that support and shape business practices, inspiring us to explore these critical topics further as future business leaders.