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FDP for MBA Faculty of GSSS

The MBA Faculty of GSSS Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, Mysore, participated in a two-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in Management, held on October 30-31, 2023.
The faculty team from SDMIMD and GSSS inaugurated the program & faculty resource persons of SDMIMD conducted various sessions on different topics for a duration of 2 days, as mentioned below:
  • Specialization topics in Finance by Dr. M. Sriram, Dr.Riyaz Ahmed, and Dr. S. Kannadas.
  • Specialization topics in HRM by Dr. Mousumi Sengupta, Dr.Mamta Hegde, and Dr. L. Gandhi
  • Specialization topics in Marketing by Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty, Dr. Keerthan Raj, and Dr.S. Saibaba
The program concluded with a valedictory session and the distribution of certificates.

SDMIMD bags Prize in Dasara Flower Show Competition 2023

SDMIMD has won Prize (Outstanding) in Ornamental Plant Category in the recently held Dasara Flower Show Competition organized by Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka. SDMIMD has been winning prizes in Dasara Flower show Competition since 2004.

PhD awarded to SDMIMD Research scholars

SDMIMD is a recognized research center of the University of Mysuru and three research scholars from the center were awarded the Doctorate in a recently concluded 103rd Annual Convocation of the University of Mysore.   
Rajeev Kalebar worked under the guidance of Dr. N R Parasuraman, Professor of Finance, SDMIMD and submitted a thesis titled Data Envelopment Analysis for Complementing Financial Ratios: Financial Statement Analysis of Indian Automobile Companies
Nataraj R T successfully completed research titled Influence of Conflict Management and Leadership on Succession Planning: A study of Family Business in Karnataka under the guidance of Dr.Mousumi Sengupta, Professor of OB and HR, SDMIMD.  
Vishwanantha M R received a doctorate for his research work titled Impact of E-learning on Higher Education in India: An Analytical Study under the guidance of Dr. H Gayathri, Rtd. Professor of Marketing, SDMIMD.  

11th International Finance Conference 2023

Technology has enabled general public to invest in the capital market and as a result the number of demat accounts opened over the years have grown exponentially, said Dr. Abhilash Misra, CEO, National Stock Exchange Academy Limited, Mumbai, held on October 19-20, 2023.
Delivering keynote address during 11th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Corporate Finance and Financial Markets organised by SDMIMD at its auditorium on Thursday he discussed about the recent developments in the capital market and also spoke on how technology was embraced by the market regulators in the regulation and functioning of capital markets and also mentioned that Technology enabled the people of the country to invest in equity markets. “Indian Financial Markets is one of the robust risk management systems to protect the interest of all the stakeholders” added Misra.
Oil prices will go up further: Dr (Lt Col) SN Prasad, Director, SDMIMD delivering inaugural address said due to ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and Hamas and Israel the oil prices may go up further in days to. “The days of easy money are over thanks to the recession caused due to covid in the US; interest rate gone up, no easy money coming to the world. The dollar is slowly eroding and China is becoming stronger and stronger and the net export of china has gone up in the last two years” added Prasad. M Sriram, Conference Chair, IFC 2023 gave a brief introduction about the conference theme and outlined the proceedings of the two-day conference.
As part of the conference technical sessions on ‘Corporate Finance and Governance’ and ‘Fintech and Digital lending in India’ were delivered by Abhishek Kumar Jain, General Manager, Treasury and Investors Relations, Wipro Limited, Bengaluru and Sri.Timmana Gouda, Founder, WhatsLoan, Bengaluru. The valedictory address was delivered by Sri.Rajesh Sharma, CEO, Kaynes Technology Ltd, Mysuru. The two-day conference witnessed paper presentations on the broader theme of the conference. 

Invited talk on Entrepreneurship by Mr. Bipin Bopanna

Mr. Bipin Bopanna, an SDMIMD alumnus (PGDM 2017–19 batch), delivered a speech to first-year PGDM students of the 2023–25 batch on October 17, 2023. He provided insights on launching a digital marketing company in less than ten months and growing it to six figures.

Session on Real Estate Consulting and Real Estate Sales

The Consulate Committee of the Students' Club at SDMIMD organized a thought-provoking Speaker Session with the theme "Real Estate Consulting and Real Estate Sales" on October 12, 2023. The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Karthik H.S, Founder and Director of Dupam Consulting, who shared insightful remarks about the real estate sector and the various career opportunities it presents.
Mr. Karthik H.S. initiated the discussion by emphasizing the value of pursuing a career in sales within the real estate industry. He delved into the details of the field, highlighting its potential for both financial success and personal development. In addition to underscoring the dynamic nature of the industry, the speaker offered a comprehensive overview of real estate consulting, emphasizing its crucial role in facilitating investments and property transfers.

Foundation Day Lecture 2023

One needs to be an effective contributor to become an effective manager and one needs to be an effective contributor plus manager to transform into a leader, said V Kovaichelvan, Director, TVS Institute for Quality and Leadership.
Delivering a foundation lecture on the topic ‘Becoming and Being Visionary Leaders by Self Transformation’ organised by SDMIMD at its auditorium here on October 12, 2023, he said “When we talk about a leader's value it is very important. Becoming a leader and being leaders there is a difference that can happen only through self-transformation. If you look up medical education they study for 5 years and they have very good practice which is not the same in Engineering or MBA. All the talent comes from practice. Whatever we study, ultimately employable skills are required. In India education including in schools and colleges are not to the required level and the curriculum are not relevant”.
“If we want to build a strong house, foundation and superstructure are very important. In the same way if you want to be a good leader, good education and employable skills are equally important before you become an individual contributor to the organisation and can rise to the role of manager and can also become an effective manager before becoming a leader. Apart from this, unless you manage yourself you can’t become a manager” added Kovaichelvan. Students who were present in good numbers also clarified their doubts by posing a few good questions including whether frequent change in work will hamper their career for which Kovaichelvan came out with good answers.
Lt Col SN Prasad, Director of SDMIMD who also spoke on the occasion briefed about Foundation Day Lecture and its purpose. Dr. Nanda Kishore Shetty, Associate Professor, Dr. M Minhaj, Professor & Chairperson –PGDM were also present.

ESG talk by Sri K N Janardhana

Sri K N Janardhana, National Director for RSETIs at the National Centre for Excellence of RSETIs (NACER), Bengaluru, delivered a talk to ESG modular specialization students of the PGDM 2023-25 batch on October 10, 2023.
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