Speakers of 10th International Finance Conference 2022

Technical session on Wealth Management 
Mr E.A. Sundaram, Executive Director, O3 Capital, Bengaluru, was the speaker for the technical session during the International Finance Conference (IFC) on October 13, 2022. Mr Sundaram focused on the approach of value investment during the session. He called upon the conference participants to focus on being an excellent and consistent players rather than trying to be the best in the market. During the session, Mr Sundaram discussed the three primary avenues to success. The first is to look for untapped markets, followed by assessing the level of leadership, while the third is to forecast the rate of increase in earnings. The session helped the audience squash many misconceptions about trading and investment banking. The session was chaired by Dr Mousumi Sengupta, Professor, SDMIMD. 

Invited Session on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Mr Pavan Kumar Kopparam, Founder of EQ Addwise and Partner 4Thoughts Finance, Bengaluru, was invited to deliver the 10th International Finance Conference (IFC) technical session on October 14, 2022. Mr Pavan presented the various asset classes like Equity, debt, and other commodities available to invest in multiple themes. Spot-on clarity was provided on the differences between Exchange-traded funds, Mutual Funds and a Stock. During his presentation, Mr Pavan detailed how a prudent investor can utilise various metrics to analyse multiple options in the Investment domain. The session was chaired by Dr M.R. Suresh, Professor, SDMIMD and presented the concluding remarks. 

Address on Changing Economic Environment 
Dr L. Ravindran, Executive Director of Wealthmax India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and the President of Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), delivered the valedictory address of the 10th International Finance Conference (IFC) on October 14, 2022. Dr Ravindran touched on various developments in the macro view of the market, such as the Bank of Japan's predicaments and falling Yen, the rising deficit in the current accounts, overvalued share prices, and the high risk that the existing investors are taking without understanding the repercussions. Dr Ravindran draws examples from the contemporary World and presents the changing economic environment. The thought-provoking session was chaired by Dr S.N. Prasad, Deputy Director, and Professor of Strategy at SDMIMD. Dr Riyaz Ahmed, Faculty of Finance, SDMIMD, presented the vote of thanks.