FDP on Data Analysis Using ‘R’ in Journal Publication

A 2-Day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on 'Data Analysis Using R in Journal Publication' was organized on May 8 and 9, 2019, for the faculty and research community. The FDP focused on three major aspects - On selection of an appropriate statistical method for analysing the data; Second, on presenting the results in a journal publication; and lastly providing hands-on using R for analysing the data. 21 participants from across the state and neighbouring states participated in the program.

Industry Visit to SKDRDP

The field visit (industrial visit part #2) to SKDRDP beneficiaries Mysuru was organized by the Institute for the benefit of One-Year PGPM students. The PGPM students accompanied by course instructor Prof.Kannadas and the village SHGs supervisor Ms.Savitha visited the homes of the beneficiaries and samudhaya bhavana meeting office on March 29th, 2019. The field visit started with the visit to beneficiaries homes' and continued with the dairy forms. Students had interacted with the beneficiaries regarding their availed loan facilities and change of life styles after that. The field visits were very helpful to the students in relating the classroom interactions about the microfinance and micro lending with the ground level reality with the face to face interaction with the beneficiaries and SHG members. It was a very good learning experience for the group. 

Industry Visit to UJJIVAN Small Finance Bank, Mysuru

The industrial visit (part #1) to UJJIVAN Small finance bank, mysuru and SKDRDP Mysuru office was organized by the Institute for the benefit of One-Year PGPM students. The PGPM students accompanied by course instructor Prof.Kannadas visited both the facilities on March 23rd, 2019. The industry visit started with the visit to  UJJIVAN Small finance bank, mysuru.  The Branch manager Mr.Padma Prabha elaborated the origin and developments of the bank and introduced the departmental heads to the students during the post-lunch session, the students visited each and every departmental heads i.e. loan appraisal to recovery management and were given details about the protocol followed by the bank. Students have collected the required details and left to SKDRDP office. In SKDRDP office, students were given the inputs about the origin and evolution about the SKDRDP Projects. Mr.Vishwas, branch project officer and Ms.Vishala, Principal and Mr.Shiva kumar, SKDRDP official explained about each and every projects with the assistance of visual projections. Students were taken to each and every training facilities within the premises to make them understand the procedure the followed. The industry visits were very helpful to the students in relating the classroom interactions about the microfinance and micro lending with the actual practice. It was a very good learning experience for the group.  

FDP on Case teaching in Management

Case study method has gained immense importance as a pedagogical tool for management education. Decision making in management involves multidisciplinary approach and analysis of relevant information.  Case studies bring managerial situations into the classrooms which can provide students an understanding about the business environment. Most of the cases are real life situations in which students are exposed to managerial problems and issues. It will enhance student’s logical and analytical skills. The workshop is intended to provide faculty with an idea about case method of teaching. It also equip participants how to handle the case discussion session and enhance the effectiveness. It also focuses on preparing case teaching plan and note so that teachers and students can make the best out of this teaching methodology. 

Objectives of the FDP
  1. To provide insights about case teaching and writing.
  2. To help the participants to design a teaching plan for cases. 
  3. How to effectively use cases to connect with concepts.
  4. How to prepare teaching notes for cases.

Faculty member(s) offering the FDP: Dr. Jayakrishnan.S & Faculty from areas of  Finance, Human resource Management, Marketing,  Quantitative methods, Systems and Operations. 

Pedagogy: Lecture methods and Case Discussions 

Registration Form
Proposed fee: Rs. 4,000

Payment Procedure

Option 1: Payment may be made in the form of DD/Cheque drawn in favour of “Director, SDM Institute for Management Development”, payable at Mysore.
Option 2: Participants may also avail the facility of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) using the following account numbers:
The Federal Bank Ltd
Branch Mysore, Jayalakshmi Puram
Beneficiary: SDM Institute for Management Development
SB A/C: 16890100038823
IFSC Code: FDRL0001689

Contact Us:

Dr. Jayakrishnan S
Mobile : +91- 9886287474
Email : jayakrishnan@sdmimd.ac.in

Dr. Sunil M.V.
Mobile : +91- 9986439832

SDMIMD & EFMD organized IMPACT 2019 Workshop

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SDMIMD in collaboration with EFMD organized a One-day program IMPACT 2019 on the theme ‘Measuring the Impact of Business School Education in the 21st century for Excellence in Quality’ on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, at Bengaluru. The event brought together a number of leaders from various B-schools.

Mr Bhaskar Bhat, CEO, Tata Vistara – Singapore Airlines, discussed several important issues in conversation with Mr Nishith Jain on the topic ‘How can BS collaborate with corporate to enhance the Impact? focusing on management education and corporate connect.

The panel discussion on the topic - Are the Indian B Schools doing enough in terms of Impact?  included the panellists - Dr Ajoy K Dey, Professor and Chairman, Centre for Management Case Development, BIMTECH; Dr Michel Kalika, BSIS Co-Director, EFMD Global Network; Dr Sourav Mukherji, Professor and Chair for Teaching and Learning, IIMB; and Dr Preeta George, Professor and Chairperson – PGEMP - EMBA program, SPJIMR, Mumbai. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr (Lt Col) Prasad SN, Chairperson - Accreditation Process & Professor – Strategy, SDMIMD, Mysore. 

AACSB Membership adds to SDMIMD's international presence

SDMIMD known as the only B-School in India offering PGDM Program with EFMD-EPAS and ACBSP international accreditations has received AACSB Business Education Alliance membership.
The membership has added colour to the celebration of the SDMIMD's silver jubilee commencing from June 2019. The institute is known for its flagship program - Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Doctoral Program in Management (Ph.D.), Management Development Program (MDP), Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) and Certificate Program in Business Management (CPBM). The Institute has demonstrated the commitment to quality of management education over the years and meeting the requirements of the corporate world in the programs offered. 
Access to the AACSB’s knowledge-based resources with the accorded membership provides SDMIMD opportunity to enhance the quality, educational intelligence and professional development services. 
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