Workshop on Emotional Intelligence

Prof.  L Gandhi, Assistant Professor – OB/HR, SDMIMD, conducted a Workshop on Emotional Intelligence for the PGCM 2021-22 batch as part of the orientation program on September 23, 2021. 

Commencement of PGCM 2021-22 Batch

The commencement session of the AICTE recognized One-Year Full-time Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) Program for the Batch 2020-2021 was held on September 22, 2021. Director of SDMIMD Dr. N.R. Parasuraman addressed the students, emphasizing the imperative of students' involvement in academic activities, interaction with guests from industry, and being part of the students’ committees for holistic development to be ready for corporate entry after the program. Dr. Sunil MV, Head – Academic Administration, introduced the annual academic calendar of the program to the new batch. Earlier, Prof. L. Gandhi, Chairperson – Admissions, welcomed the new batch and the gathering.  

Foundation Day Lecture 2021

Dr. Hasmukh Adhia IAS (Retd)
Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat
Non-Executive Chairman, Bank of Baroda
Former Union Finance Secretary & Revenue Secretary



Every year Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD) commemorates its Foundation Day through a lecture delivered by an eminent person. This year the Foundation Day lecture was delivered by Dr Hasmukh Adhia IAS (Retd), Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat and Former Union Finance Secretary and Revenue Secretary to an audience consisting of young management students, faculty members and invitees. 
In his lecture Dr Adhia stated that just gaining entry into top academic programs or coveted civil services alone did not guarantee success. Only a few reached the pinnacle. Success has over the years evolved into something that everyone wishes to lay their hands on, but success would come only out of sheer excellence in everything a person does no matter how trivial the activity might seem to be, elaborating on the idea Dr. Adhia laid out 7 mantras to success that could be practised.  He started with the first mantra which was “Importance of Setting Goals”, which he emphasised as having a mental picture that helped subconsciously in bringing one’s goal to reality. 
The Second mantra, he focused was on the importance of excellence while performing a task, irrespective of the type, size, or scale of the task. He touched upon the idea that one should complete a task with excellence and grace. The third mantra was acceptance of results. He emphasised on the approach to respond to adverse situations and negative results, keeping in mind the hard work and dedication that had been put into the task or job. It is important to accept whatever the result of one’s hard work might turn out to be in a positive sense of mind, otherwise, one would be frozen in the situation and the future would be blocked. He introduced the concept of “Dynamic Acceptance”, which he involved putting the best efforts to avoid adverse results. He also spoke about the importance of excellence and efforts which would lead to success.  
The fourth mantra which Dr. Adhia highlighted was about avoidance of ego despite personal success. In one’s journey to success, there would be involvement of many individuals, and success is not something that was achieved by a single person’s effort. A lot of people and favourable factors contribute to one’s success. It was not a single factor but a culmination of multiple factors. 
Dr Adhia further added that fifth mantra revolved around being a lifelong learner.  The day a person stopped learning he/she stopped growing. He further reiterated the fact that to achieve success and excellence in life one must keep learning throughout his/her life. In today’s ever evolving world it was imperative to keep abreast of changes around us. 
The sixth mantra making only those promises that could be delivered. Throwing light on this aspect he added that if promises, even if they were small ones, were kept, led to enhancing credibility of the person. Informing the other party on time if promises could not be met was also relevant.
The seventh and the final mantra was managing oneself, before managing others and how important it was to keep body and mind in control. One must understand, examine and introspect where they stood as a person, because one could control emotions and body through the mind. Yoga is such a system he added.
The question and answer session was moderated by Dr M R , Suresh, Professor of Marketing, SDMIMD.
Earlier, Dr. M.R. Suresh, while introducing the concept of the SDMIMD Foundation Day lecture series stated that in addition to giving knowledge through formal programs, the institute also invited distinguished people every year to share their insights so that young management students developed a broader vision.
Student Coordinator and representative Mr. Vineeth Bharadwaj presented the vote of thanks. 

Talk on ‘Building Public Image’ by CEO, The Hindu Group

'What counts in the life is the principles that we stood for, people we touched, and the way we changed the world even in a small way by pursuing a purpose truly bigger than ourselves. Those are the real legacies that will outlive us' said Mr. L.V. Navaneeth, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The Hindu Group Publishing Private Limited. Mr. Naveaneeth delivered the invited talk on 'Building & Communicating a Public Image - Strategies for Working Professionals’ organized by Prerana - the SDM Institute for Management Development Alumni Association and SDMIMD on Saturday, August 28, 2021.
Speaking on leadership, Mr. Navaneeth opined that no person is an island. Every individual has connected to the larger entity; the positive influence and the shared vision will help us grow as leaders. The Character, Ability, Purpose (CAP) of an individual, which brings the pursuit of excellence, skill & ethics, values with Indian ethos, can build the public image and communicates what one has cultivated in his life. Sharing his experience in family and public life, the speaker said, 'Image in the minds of the public matters. The Consistency of Character, Credibility through Ability, and Clarity in Purpose will speak about the self-image and public image'.
The talk introduced the various dimensions of public life. The experiences and anecdotes by the speakers shared the sensitivity, influence, and the impact one can make on others towards the positive attitude, ethics, values, and sense of life. The students on campus, alumni members, and faculty members participated in the virtual event.

SDMIMD’s Overseas Program Certificate Awarding Ceremony

As a part of new initiatives to bring in focus on social responsibility, ethics and sustainability coupled with business excellence to overseas students, SDMIMD conducted 20-hour ‘Program on Developing Business Excellence (DBE) – With a Sense of Social Responsibility’ for the foreign students of St. Philomena’s College, Mysore.  The program culminated in an award ceremony held at SDMIMD campus on August, 24, 2021. Read More>

SDMIMD’s Overseas Program Certificate Awarding Ceremony

As a part of new initiatives to bring in focus on social responsibility, ethics and sustainability coupled with business excellence to overseas students, SDMIMD conducted 20-hour ‘Program on Developing Business Excellence (DBE) – With a Sense of Social Responsibility’ for the foreign students of St. Philomena’s College, Mysore.  The program culminated in an award ceremony held at SDMIMD campus on August, 24, 2021.

The first batch had 21 students from 7 countries – Papua Newguinea, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordon, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Somalia – who received the Program Certificate from Dr. Bernard Prakash Barnis, Rector/Manager, St. Philomena’s College Institutions, Mysore.
Prof. Othbert Pinto – PG Director, St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous), Mysore, expressing his view said that the effective delivery of 20-hour program aimed at overall exposure to diverse aspects of Indian business environment – introduced the culture, ethics, leadership, consumer behaviour, social responsibility, corporate culture, leadership and Indian family business. The overseas students well received the sessions.  He appreciated the course content delivery, and the reference materials provided during the course. 
Director of SDMIMD, Dr. N.R. Parasuraman expressed happiness at the successful completion of the program and gave the audience the background and philosophy behind the offering.
Mr. Ronal Prakash Cutinha, IQAC Coordinator, St. Philomena’s College, stated that ‘the collaboration between SDMIMD and St. Philomena’s has ensured the benefit to the faculty members & student community in knowledge sharing and adding value to the holistic development of the students. 
The principal of St. Philomena’s, Dr. Alphonsus D’Souza, faculty members, and staff from SDMIMD and St. Philomena’s were present. 
Dr. Sunil M.V., Head – Academic Administration and lead of the Program on Developing Business Excellence (DBE) informed that the encouraging and positive feedback about the learning from the program by the 21 overseas students of the first batch is highly motivating. SDMIMD will continue its effort to introduce India and its business environment with a sense of social responsibility to the overseas students.  

Guest talk by Dr.Thomas

Dr.Thomas, Chairman, Lead College of Management and Lead OBT, Palakkad, Kerala, delivered a guest lecture and spoke about outbound learning while recalling recollections of previous years' offline activities-based learning. Students learned about the value and benefits of outbound learning, as well as how it helps people work together, trust one other, and coordinate their efforts. Different sizes of rubix cubes were also introduced to educate indirectly how to adapt and alter when working in groups to get work done on a large scale. His Guinness World Records achievements motivated students and taught them not to be afraid of achieving anything. Overall it was a very insightful session.

75th Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day holds much importance in the lives of every Indian. On this day, we got freedom after a long struggle of thousands of freedom fighters and great leaders. With this spirit, SDMIMD celebrated the 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021. Dr. Anand Sasikumar, Faculty, SDMIMD, hoisted the tricolor and addressed the gathering. 
In his address, Dr. Anand Sasikumar said Independence Day is a significant day to keep the spirit of patriotism alive and at the same time enjoy the spirit of freedom. India has shown phenomenal growth since its independence in various fields like science, technology, and agriculture. Now it is our turn to continue the legacy of achieving significant milestones in the next generations.
Students, staff, and faculty members participated in the celebration. 
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