Club Silicon

Club Silicon

"Silicon, the students’ Systems Club of SDMIMD was established in 2012 with an objective of serving as a single point of contact among the institute’s students for all the IT related activities. The club besides serving as an interface between the students and Systems department of the institute, also endeavors to evangelize the application of Information Technology in various functions of management through organization of many intra college events like Contests ,Quizzes, workshops, PPA (Pre-placement activity) knowledge sharing sessions, inter college events, guest lectures etc.  Since its inception the club has internally managed all IT-support activities like development of websites etc., for the events organized by the students."

PGDM 2018-20 (Second Year)

Abilash P 18127
Rahul V 18042
Darshan S 18009
Prachurya Sarma 18162
Chandan R 18132

PGDM 2019-21 (First Year)

Suhas MS 19174
Keshav Prabhu 19086
Ranjan Kulkarni 19042
Shivansh Sharma 19168
Riddhi Patsa 19162

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