Guest Lecture 1920

Mr. K P Pradyumna, Ex- Chief Lead District Manager Spoke on Banking Crisis

Mr. K P Pradyumna, Ex- Chief Lead District Manager, SBI, while speaking to the participants of the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends” on November 14, 2019, said that Indian banking is not in crisis regardless of what financial indicators are indicating. Talking on to the topic of “Current Banking Crisis in India and Growth Implications” he said that Indian banking system is strong, robust and can survive any type of problem it comes across because of the principles that banking in India has. He stated that NPA is a hurdle for development and regulatory provisions such as IBC, Sarfasi act etc are improving the situation. He strongly believes that microfinance will not sustain in long run as people in India still believe in savings than borrowing, and microfinance will survive temporarily until banks become sensitive to the rural masses.

Invited Talk on Co-operative Banking

Dr. Yashavantha Dongre Rtd. Professor-Commerce, University of Mysore, Mysore, delivered a talk on co-operative banking and related issues of dual regulation, size and governance held on November 14, 2019 during the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on the theme “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends.” Co-operatives are the vehicles of inclusive and sustainable models as: they lead to financial inclusion, provide development finance, they have local focus, and are resilient during crisis. The problems faced by the cooperative banking were outlined in the session which broadly includes dual regulation policy, efficiency not getting reflected by size and the shortcomings in governance. The session also covered other aspects such as the requirements cooperative banks need to fulfil, how cooperative banks can benefit the members more and how the future for cooperative banking looks like. The talk was highly insightful and threw light on several dimensions pertaining to cooperative banking.

Talk on Microfinance by Mr. Surya Panda

Mr. Surya Panda, Head-Credit, Samasta Microfinance Ltd as resource person to the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on the theme “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends” held on November 14, 2019 addressed the participants on the current scenario of the microfinance institutions in India. He spoke comprehensively about how the microfinance institutions operate in India, the benefits of having microfinance institutions, the challenges faced and the contemporary trends. He has elaborated how the microfinance institutions are playing pivotal roles in the upliftment of the underserved communities and propagation of the economy. He also talked about the internal and external risks that the microfinance institutions face, and the mechanisms need to be adopted in order prevent them. The session also discussed issues like how to ensure the loans provided are not squandered, social accounting, interaction between the self-help groups and the microfinance institutions etc. The entire session was immensely insightful and enlightening, and it threw light on several dimensions of microfinance.

Talk on Development Banking Regulatory Issues

Mr. Pankil Sanghvi, Partner (Tax & Regulatory Services) at BDO India LLP, Bengaluru was an invited resource person to the one-day Pre-Conference Workshop on the theme “Development Banking and Inclusive Growth: Emerging Trends” held on November 14, 2019. He spoke on the topic – ‘Development Banks – Indian Policy and Regulatory Aspects: The Macro Economic Impact’.  overviewed and presented the audience with evolution of development banking in India, the core challenges the sector is facing, and the factors contributing to the shutdown of development banks. Reforms and liberalisation starting from 1991 was the key for growth of development banking, said Mr. Pankil. He emphasized the role played by Government in choosing development banks to reconstruct India economically after independence. He also deliberated that Development banks channel money from people to project as a coordinator and hence ought not to make any profits from it themselves.

Inputs on 'Preparation for Interviews' by Expert

Mr Kiran Joshi, former Career Consultant and Former Manager - Learning & Development, IIM Udaipur, delivered invited talk on 'Preparation for Interview' to PGDM 2018-20 Batch on September 23, 2019. The interaction with the speaker on various aspects of interview and interviewing was the major takeaway for SDMites. The talk concluded with Q&A.

Invited talk on 'Product Management'

Mr S. Chandramouli, Insights Feedback, Bengaluru, was the guest speaker on campus on September 21, 2019, delivered the talk on 'Product Management' to the PGDM 2018-19 Marketing Specialization students.
Mr Chandramouli with his various research and consulting engagements across diverse industry sectors, impacting close to 200 clients shared valuable experience to the students. The customer services were detailed bringing the anecdotes by his experience in conceptualizing and designing Feedback’s customer satisfaction framework, which primarily integrates aspects of satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and value for money along with expectations, business benefits, brand image and other futuristic aspects to derive takeaways for clients. The experiential sharing by the speaker helped the students to know about the customer relationship.
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