Pre-placement Program

Pre-Placement Talks (PPT)

Companies make a pre-placement presentation (PPT) to provide an opportunity to the students to seek clarity on the profile of the company, position offered, remuneration package and other relevant information.

For effective communication, latest technical equipment such as audio visual facilities, LCD projector, tele conference and any other special equipment can be made available on campus on request. The campus also has video conferencing facility.

Curriculum Vitae

The Institute follows a standard format for all the students applying to various companies. A company can place a request for the CVs in the Institute's format or any other specific format, in hard or soft copies as desired.

Lateral and Fresher Recruitment

The Institute does not have separate lateral and fresher recruitment processes. Hence, both the processes commence simultaneously and run during the placement season of the Institute. The students rank the companies based on their prior knowledge and the information gained through companies' PPTs. Based on these rankings, job description and compensation being offered, the participating companies are scheduled, during which they can initiate the recruitment process.

Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs)

A pre-placement offer or PPO, post the summer internship, is a much cherished job offer before final placements. The firms can communicate to the Institute their decision to offer the PPOs before the Placement Week commences.