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Speakers of 10th International Finance Conference 2022

Technical session on Wealth Management 
Mr E.A. Sundaram, Executive Director, O3 Capital, Bengaluru, was the speaker for the technical session during the International Finance Conference (IFC) on October 13, 2022. Mr Sundaram focused on the approach of value investment during the session. He called upon the conference participants to focus on being an excellent and consistent players rather than trying to be the best in the market. During the session, Mr Sundaram discussed the three primary avenues to success. The first is to look for untapped markets, followed by assessing the level of leadership, while the third is to forecast the rate of increase in earnings. The session helped the audience squash many misconceptions about trading and investment banking. The session was chaired by Dr Mousumi Sengupta, Professor, SDMIMD. 

Invited Session on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Mr Pavan Kumar Kopparam, Founder of EQ Addwise and Partner 4Thoughts Finance, Bengaluru, was invited to deliver the 10th International Finance Conference (IFC) technical session on October 14, 2022. Mr Pavan presented the various asset classes like Equity, debt, and other commodities available to invest in multiple themes. Spot-on clarity was provided on the differences between Exchange-traded funds, Mutual Funds and a Stock. During his presentation, Mr Pavan detailed how a prudent investor can utilise various metrics to analyse multiple options in the Investment domain. The session was chaired by Dr M.R. Suresh, Professor, SDMIMD and presented the concluding remarks. 

Address on Changing Economic Environment 
Dr L. Ravindran, Executive Director of Wealthmax India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore and the President of Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), delivered the valedictory address of the 10th International Finance Conference (IFC) on October 14, 2022. Dr Ravindran touched on various developments in the macro view of the market, such as the Bank of Japan's predicaments and falling Yen, the rising deficit in the current accounts, overvalued share prices, and the high risk that the existing investors are taking without understanding the repercussions. Dr Ravindran draws examples from the contemporary World and presents the changing economic environment. The thought-provoking session was chaired by Dr S.N. Prasad, Deputy Director, and Professor of Strategy at SDMIMD. Dr Riyaz Ahmed, Faculty of Finance, SDMIMD, presented the vote of thanks. 

Life and Career in Consulting - Prof. Rangan Mohan

On 15th September 2022, Consulate- SDMIMD’s Consulting Club organized an invited talk by Mr Rangan Mohan, Owner of Rangan Mohan Associates, on the topic Life and Career in Consulting on September 15, 2022. 
Mr Mohan, with nearly 40 years of experience in the industry and executive coach blended with being a CEO for two of India's well-known listed IT companies, educated the students about the topic. Mr Mohan said 'Consultancy is more about what customer needs. Consultants’ job is to ask the right questions and give their service without being hung up on them being followed.' 
Further, Mr Mohan suggested using the 5Ws and 1H models of questioning and the contrarian questioning model. A consultant should simplify things so as not to confuse the clients and leave too many thoughts. He recommends leaving them with 3-4 reviews at max, which can be the key takeaways. Mr Mohan suggested aspiring consultants be comfortable with the unknown and be reasonably good at networking. 
The talk was interactive, and the students were full of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. The session gave the students a clear picture of consulting careers.

Building your brand on the world stage - Talk by Harsha Adya

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'Imitating the West you don’t become a success, people appreciate it if you demonstrate your values' said Harsha Adya, Managing Director, Wuerth Electroniks.
Addressing students on ‘Building your brand on the world stage' on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Mr. Harsha said 'Trust factor develops when we have our own roots and culture; people see what is special within us. We have a lot of good core values, the ecosystem has grown and we can pass them on to the west. People are looking at different things; imitating the west will not make us successful as people are looking at different things.  Stand on your roots which are very important, please do not lose them if you lose them your identity is lost, you are Indian, and be proud of our core values'.
While speaking on competence, Harsha said Competence is more about not only knowing subsystems in-depth but it’s also knowing about the entire system and how it works. Hence I would like to stress not only concentrate on subsystems but look into the overall system which is very important today when technology is evolving. He also spoke on passion, the importance of planning and timeliness, and values & culture. While delivering talks on values and culture he called upon students to focus on long-term gains instead of short-term gains and build a very good professional network which is a pillar of success and which is also easy to get many things.
The new batch of PGDM 2022-2024 students, faculty members, and invited guests were present during the session which was arranged as part of the Orientation Program 2022.

Evolution of Digital Payment – Talk by Alumnus

Mr. Abhijit Korti, SDMIMD Alumnus & AVP – Digital Banking, Jana Small Finance Bank, addressed the new batch of the PGDM Program during Orientation Program on July 9, 2022. Mr. Abhijit focused his talk on ‘Evolution of Digital Payment in India’ introducing the journey of the digital payment system and the changing dynamics of work, workforce, and workplace in the digital world. The talk helped the new bees to realize and understand the additional skills needed apart from the prescribed studies to be in the race in the digital world. The talk concluded with a Q&A session. 

Opportunities in the Finance Sector – Talk by Alumnus

The informative and motivational talk by SDMIMD Alumnus Mr. Harinath Gopalswamy, CEO-Fintelligence, was organized on July 9, 2022, as part of the Orientation Program for the PGDM 2022-2024. Mr. Harinath introduced the various avenues and opportunities in various domains of the finance sector in the current corporate world. The preparation demanded having a perfect credential to meet the aimed role was discussed with necessary skill enhancement courses available in the MOOC platform were shared. The new batch had a great Q&A session with Mr. Harinath.

HR Challenges during Post COVID – Talk by Alumnus

‘The talent acquisition, retention, and management during the post-COVID scenario have challenged the HR domain. The challenges have made the corporates prioritize employee wellbeing and build their strategies around a Human-centered environment where talent retention is the key’ thus said Mr. Sandesh Murchy, SDMIMD Alumnus and Director, HRSDX JAPAC, Oracle, during the invited talk organized on July 9, 2022. Mr. Sandesh was delivering the talk on ‘HR Challenges in the Post-COVID scenario’ to the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch. The talk was organized as part of the Orientation Program 2022.

Invited talk by Head-HR from Capgemini

Renowned HR speaker and Career Coach Mr. Naganagouda S.J., Vice President and Head - Human Resources, Global Edge, Capgemini, delivered the invited talk focused on the changing trends of HR in the VUCA World as part of the Orientation Program 2022. Mr. Nagan focused his talk on workplace behavioral change in the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity [VUCA] world. Further, he informed the students on how to prepare themselves for the new normal of the corporate world. The talk was organized on July 9, 2022, for the PGDM 2022-24 Batch. 

Prerana President address the PGDM 22-24 Batch

SDMIMD alumni association – Prerana was introduced by the President of the association Mr. Niranjan Naik, Founder & Director, Prominent Mind, to the PGDM 2022-2024 Batch on July 9, 2022. Mr. Niranjan with an introduction to Prerana made the new batch aware of the various activities & services from the alumni association apart from the networking opportunities. He demonstrated the website and the app helping them to on-boarding to the huge network of SDMites having a presence across the globe.  
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