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Release of SDMIMD and SIRD Joint Report

SDMIMD and Abdul Nazir Sab State Institute of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (ANSSIRD & PR) joint work “Socio Economic Deprivation Status of Rural Households in Karnataka” was presented and released on December 16, 2021.
The report was released by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Chairman, SDMIMD. Dr Heggade said, ‘The rural economy in Karnataka is in transition and the standard of living of households have improved, thanks to the efforts of government interventions and non-government organisations.’ 
Dr. B. Venkatraja, the rincipal investigator of the project & Associate Professor of Economics in SDMIMD, said that the project estimated the multi-dimensional socio-economic deprivation status of more than 80 lakh rural households focusing on 16 key aspects of four major dimensions of livening such as housing, income and employment, assets and land and explored regional and demographic disparities, though it has reduced. The study has developed a scientific framework to measure multi-dimensional deprivations and it is the first effort of its kind in India.
Dr. G.S. Ganesh Prasad of ANSSIRD&PR, the co-investigator to the project said, ‘the framework and results are the benchmark for future studies. The report offers policy frameworks to bridge the gap in deprivation. One of the key recommendations towards this end was strengthening the Self Help Group-Panchayat Raj Institution convergence’. 
Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director of SDMIMD opined that the report would not only benefit the policy makers in identifying the deprivation areas but also benefit the community at large in the form of reduced gaps in deprivation after the policy implementation. 
Smt. Lakshmi Priya, Director of ANSSIRD&PR said that the report will be a very useful document to the government as it provides new directions to visualize the rural problems and different and effective ways to address them. 
Dr. Srilakshminarayana, the co-investigator to the project moderated the program and delivered vote of thanks.

The Week Hansa B School Survey 2021

The Week Hansa B-School Survey 2021. has ranked SDMIMD in 41st place in overall ranking of 165 Private B-Schools; 15th in 67 B-Schools of South Zone (Govt. & Private); and, 11th in 63 Private B-Schools of South Zone.   

Careers360 - B School Survey

Career 360 has listed SDMIMD in 24th Place among Top 55 Private B-Schools in India with AAAA rank. Further, the institute is in 1st Place in the Mysore area.    

Education Post - B School Survey 2021

SDMIMD is placed in 15th position among the Best private B-Schools in the Southern Region by Education Post. It is Placed in the 14th Cluster at the National Level (Total- 50 Clusters) among Best B-Schools. SDMIMD has secured 46th place among Top 100 private B-Schools in the country and 15th among 49 Best private B Schools in the southern region.    

SDMIMD collaboration with TCS on Academic Enhancement

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The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Educational Partnership between SDMIMD and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in the presence of Chairman of SDMIMD Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala, is scheduled on Friday, December 17, 2021, at 11:30 AM in the SDMIMD Auditorium situated in the Chamundi Hill Road Mysore.
The partnership envisages corporate professional inputs for eight select courses followed by an internship in an area of relevance to management. The educational partnership will offer Supplementary Study for the SDMIMD’s flagship program Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) students on TCSiON Platform. SDMIMD students will also undergo TCS's reputed National Qualifier Test (NQT) as part of the supplementary study.  Students will get a joint certificate issued by SDMIMD and TCSiON certifying the supplementary study experience.  This agreement is path-breaking in its potential to given enormous value add to students and in SDMIMD being able to leverage this association with a leading company of the stature of TCS.  The agreement is valid for 5 years.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be exchanged by Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD and Sri. Ravindra Kembhavi, Head Sales and Chief Education Evangelist, TCS iON, in the presence of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Chairman SDMIMD during this occasion.
The partnership is in line with the core vision of the New Education Policy 2020 for preparing the students for the real work scenario.

2nd Annual Convocation of the One-Year PGCM Program

The 2nd Annual Convocation of the One-Year Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) Program offered by SDMIMD, the premier Business School in Mysore, will be held on December 17, 2021, 10:30 AM at the institute campus situated at the foothill of Chamundi. 
The Chairman of SDMIMD, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala, will award certificates and deliver the convocation address. 
The PGCM program was launched during the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the institute in 2019 which is designed for industry readiness and professional growth in the corporate world.
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