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Invited talk by Mr. Kiran Bettadapur

Mr. Kiran Bettadapur, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, delivered the invited talk on January 28, 2016 at SDMIMD. Mr. Kiran deeply engaged the students by speaking on innovation-driven entrepreneurship. He advised future entrepreneurs to follow: PSPS&D model - which is Profitability, Scalability, Predictability, Sustainability and Derisk. He said, with this model, the entrepreneurs will be able to look at the long term view of their startups. Further, he shared little known insights about the strategies and tactics employed by successful firms such as Google, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, Toyota. Mr. Kiran’s talk made the students think on the lines of what an investor would like to have a look at before investing in a venture.

Panel Discussion on Net Neutrality Vs Free Basics

A special  panel discussion on “Net Neutrality vs Free Basics” was held on February 1, 2016 at SDMIMD, Mysuru organized by Mysore University Information and Library Science Alumni Network (MILAN) in association with Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD).
Mr. Sathyanarayana and other panel members Dr. Shalini R. Urs, Executive Director, International School of Information Management (ISiM), University of Mysore, Mysuru; Mr. Kalpesh Mehta, Founder, Starsoft-India, Mysuru; Dr. Sudhir Sosale, Director, Centre for Training in Advanced Technologies, National Institute of Engineering (NIE), Mysuru; discussed several aspects of this highly important and emerging issue. The general feeling was that this should be selectively free, and not absolutely free. Experts said that TRAI should protect the rights of netizens in using Internet and realize the true agenda behind Free Basics. It should give opportunity to act or mislead the public in use of Internet. TRAI should uphold the core ideologies of Net Neutrality to give Freedom for Information Access to the Internet users in general, Young India in particular. 
The discussion was moderated by Prof. Malathi Sriram, Chairperson – PGDM, SDMIMD. 
Earlier Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of discussion on such contemporary topics in an academic environment. Dr. P.Y. Rajendra Prasad, President – MILAN delivered the vote of thanks. 
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‘Deep Driving Desire will Create Willpower’ – Mr. Sanjay Anandaram

Mr. Sanjay Anandaram, Venture Partner in Seed Fund & Adjunct Faculty at INSEAD Singapore, inaugurated Naissance 2016 on January 27, 2016 at SDMIMD and shared the lessons he learned in his life. Some of his lessons were to never stop learning, to embrace uncertainty, to develop a passion, to be confident and humble, to be focussed and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Mr. Sanjay described the essence of entrepreneurial mindset as your deep driving desire which creates the willpower. This willpower pushes you to you do deeds which in turn becomes your destiny. The students were enthralled as the session was buoyant and interactive with students asking very specific to personal questions. 

67th Republic Day Celebration

The 67th Republic Day was celebrated with great patriotism and fervour at SDMIMD on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. The celebrations began with a patriotic song. 
Prof. Mohamed Minhaj, Faculty, SDMIMD, unfurled the national flag. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Minhaj said that, no country in the world is perfect and India is not an exception, but instead of feeling negative about our country, we Indians have to be happy and proud of our strengths. Our culture, unity in diversity and value system are incomparable. Further, he expressed that every Indian has responsibility towards strengthening our country in becoming a global leader, and to do this, what is important is all of our standing united against the elements which are trying to divide our country on the basis of religion, language.
The impressions shared by SDMites about the country and role of Young Indians, showed great patriotism. This was followed by community breakfast at the Institute Mess. 


‘Big data and the knowledge extracted from it provide considerable potential for social and economic benefits to the citizens, and the businesses of countries to exploit the possibilities. Countries with well-trained data scientists will be best positioned to take advantage of opportunities for data-driven innovation’ thus said Dr. Randy L. Carter, Professor Emeritus, University at Buffalo, in his keynote address delivered during the inauguration of International Conference in Operations Management and Research (ICOMAR 2016), on January 21, 2015, at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD), Mysore. 
Dr. Carter said that US is facing a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills and 1.5 million analysts and managers to analyse big data. Analysts who are able to mine big data with extremely diverse set of skills like deep business insights, data visualization, statistics, machine learning, and computer programming, have greater opportunities in the near future. 
The guest of honor for the event Mr. Rajiv Rajpal, Chief Executive Officer, Gear Business Group, Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd, spoke about how an engineering industry could reach global standards by investing in technology, people and of course relationship with all the stakeholders. He elaborated this based on his experience in building up Triveni Engineering. 
Earlier, Dr. N.R. Parasuraman, Director, SDMIMD, welcoming the delegates and dignitaries highlighted the importance of studies on quality & value to aid decision making. 
Dr. R. Jagadeesh, Conference Chair, presented the background note of the conference and the conference theme “Towards Operational Excellence”. 
Mr. Sadashiva Baligar, Vice President – Manufacturing, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, was the invited speaker for the technical session scheduled on the second day of the conference. Mr. Baligar spoke on “Lean Manufacturing Principles of Toyota Production System (TPS)”. He shared the success story of Toyota in standardizing the operations and waste minimization in their entire manufacturing and non-manufacturing functions to increase productivity and efficiency. The talk illustrated the principles of ethical manufacturing followed by the Toyota Company, and described how the culture of lean practices has been spread across the entire organization.
Mr. Mahesh Jambardi, Chief Operating Officer, Excelsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mysore, was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory session on January 22, 2016. In his valedictory address, Mr. Jambardi stressed upon the improvement in the skills of the students using technology. He expressed his views on the digital content development pertaining to primary and higher education. 
Mr. Mahesh Jambardi distributed the certificates to the participants.
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