Campus News

Address by Sriram Ranganathan, VP-Wipro Ltd.

Mr. Sriram Ranganathan, Vice President and Global Head of Taxation at Wipro Ltd delivered the valedictory address to the two-day 8th International Economics Conference on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends” on November 30, 2023. In his address, Mr Sriram presented an overview of the current state of the Indian economy. He said that India is a country of immense growth opportunities as many of the sectors have shown strong resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic and geo-political factors. He believes that the Indian demography can be translated into a dividend which requires proper man-power planning. Mr.Sriram considers regular and continuous up-skilling and re-skilling of the employees as a critical force of productivity and growth. He also outlined the risks and challenges of the growth of the Indian economy. The session was attended by conference delegates, academicians and students.

Session on Social Enterprises

In a thought-provoking session at the two-day 8th International Economics Conference, Dr. Basavaraju R, Executive Director of the Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM), delivered a talk in the realm of social enterprise. He shed light on the challenges obstructing economic growth, such as unskilled labor, financial illiteracy, labor movement complexities, and women's participation hurdles, particularly at rural economy.  The speaker highlighted the crucial role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in driving economic growth as their contributions through innovation, microfinance, job creation, and community empowerment shape and propel societal advancement. He meticulously outlined the impactful policies and laws that can drive development, ranging from RTI and MGNREGA to initiatives addressing child labor, environment, and disability. The session delved into the essence of social enterprise, dissecting the concept of a social business model. 

This session was delivered on November 30, 2023, as a technical session to two-day the 8th International Economics Conference on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends”. The session was attended by conference delegates, academicians and students.

Talk on the Pharma Industry

Mr. Pravin Iyer, Managing Director of Relicare Tech Services, delivered a riveting address providing an illuminating insight into the labyrinth of the pharmaceutical industry. His talk dissected the enigmatic landscape of this crucial sector, revealing its intricacies and opportunities. Mr. Iyer emphasized the role of the 10,000 pharmaceutical units in India on the economy, dominated by a mere 500 major players, making it a fiercely competitive arena.
He pinpointed the myriad opportunities, particularly in the domains of operations and logistics within the pharma sector. Mr.Iyer accentuated the industry's dynamism, emphasizing the need for creative thinkers and adept problem solvers who can navigate the chaos and challenges inherent in pharmaceutical management. He elucidated the four major stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry: consumers, health providers (hospitals), businesses (such as the water industry), and the government. With precision, he detailed the typical 20-year life cycle of a new drug application, stressing the crucial role of funding and investment in India's pharmaceutical future. Notably, he commended the abundant talent pool within the country, especially in inorganic chemistry.
This session was delivered on November 29, 2023, as a technical session to two day the 8th International Economics Conference on the theme of “Economic Growth and Sustainable Development: Emerging Trends”. The session was attended by conference delegates, academicians and students. 

Unlocking Insights at Infosys Mysuru: A Transformative Industry Visit by SDMIMD

The industry visit to Infosys Ltd., Mysuru, was organised for the PGDM 2023–25 batch. The visit was designed to introduce our students to the essence of Infosys—its culture, values, and state-of-the-art facilities. More than just a tour, it offered valuable insights into the IT industry, project management, the role of a manager in the IT industry, and unravelling the intricate workings of one of India's leading tech giants. The visit was organised on November 20 and 27, 2023 (conducted in two batches).
Mr. Sundar K.S., Associate Vice President, Infosys Limited, emphasised the role of technology in business functionalities, especially in the era of artificial intelligence. Further, speaking on the role of a manager in the Agile model, he stressed the significance of co-working spaces and cross-functional teams and explored the Scrum methodology, highlighting collaboration for software development. Mr Sundar concluded with a powerful message on continuous learning and adaptability.
Mr. Biligiri Ranga, Operational Specialists, Infosys Limited, gave a glimpse into the history, culture, and products of Infosys. Detailed the Infosys Springboard, guiding students on navigating technical and business domains through this platform.
Dr. Meenakshi, Senior Consultant - Learning, Infosys Limited, shared insights into maximising the use of Infosys Springboard, advocating continuous learning through educational resources for industry readiness. Introduced internship opportunities available on Infosys Springboard tailored for management students.
Dr. Sunil M.V., Faculty - Systems and General Management, SDMIMD, Mysore, designed and coordinated the insightful industry visit.
The visit concluded with an awe-inspiring campus tour, presenting the remarkable infrastructure, cutting-edge facilities, and the green ecosystem of Infosys Mysuru Campus.

Samasti-Inclusiveness - HR Parley 2023

The Employers' Federation of Southern India (EFSI), Karnataka Branch, organized the "Samasti-Inclusiveness - HR Parley 2023" at SDMIMD, Mysuru on November 25, 2023, with 200+ attendees from diverse backgrounds.
Mr. Thyagu Valliappa, Vice-Chairman, Karnataka Committee, EFSI, stressed worker interests. Dr. Muthukumar, President, EFSI, highlighted EFSI's welfare legacy. Mr. Shantanu Roy, Chairman and Managing Director of BEML, emphasized creating an inclusive workplace. Mylswamy Annadurai, a former director of ISRO Satellite Center, linked inclusivity to innovation at ISRO. Two morning sessions focused on CEO expectations and Digital HR. The afternoon sessions delved into labor issues and emerging HR trends. Panellists discussed workforce fairness, AI's HR impact, labor collaboration, and evolving HR trends. Dr. (Lt Col) Prasad S N, Director SDMIMD, Mysore, delivered the special address. Dr. K. Anantha Gowda, CHRO of Nandi Economic Corridor Enterprises Ltd., concluded the conclave with a vote of appreciation.

Outbound Training (OBT) for the SDMIMD Faculty Team

SDMIMD Faculty Members have participated in a 2-day exciting, memorable, and adventurous Out-Bound Training program at Lead College of Management, Palakkad, Kerala between November 17th and 18th. Through daring activities such as rappelling, ziplining, and team tasks, faculty participants were able to overcome fears, improve communication, and foster teamwork. Rope exercises, shooting, and claiming a wall all aided in the development of adaptation, decision-making, and calmness under pressure. The program's mix of physical and emotional challenges encouraged personal development, while events like fire walking fostered mental resilience and self-confidence. Participation in strategic activities such as board climbing and simulated electric rings aided in the development of leadership abilities and open communication.  Dr. Thomas, Founder & Director, of LEAD College of Management, Palakkad, and the SDMIMD Director and Faculty team discussed Management Education and future challenges in meeting the demands of students.  Dr. L. Gandhi, Associate Professor of OB&HRM at SDMIMD, coordinated the OBT.

Faculty Exchange Program

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta Professor - OB  HRM, has visited ESC Pau Business School, France, in the month of November 2023. She has taught the course on "Responsible HRM", to the group of students at ESC Pau, as a part of the Faculty Exchange program from SDMIMD. Students from various countries, including US, Germany, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, China, Nigeria, have attended the sessions, conducted by her. The sessions were made highly interactive and activity-based and received high appreciation from the students. 

SDMIMD Students excel in National level management fest at Kerala

The School of Management at De Paul Institute of Science and Technology recently hosted the 10th edition of DAKSH, a prestigious national-level management fest held on November 7-8, 2023. Noteworthy achievements were marked by the outstanding performance of SDMIMD students, securing the overall runner-up position. Particularly impressive was the triumph in the Marketing event by Amith Kumar H L, Ramachandra Hegde, Sumukh Prashanth, and Gautham Menon. Additionally, a significant victory was achieved in the HR event by B.N Chaitanya, Yashwanth, Tushar Nag RN, and Druva N, Bethe Jayaprakash Naidu earned recognition as the runner-up in the Best Manager category, adding another accolade to the institute’s success. Prajwal P and Yashas showcased their expertise in the Business Quiz, reaching the semi-finals and contributing to the overall commendable performance of SDMIMD at DAKSH 2023.

Elevating Knowledge: Unveiling ERP Fundamentals with Sudhir S Mysore

PGDM 2023-25 Batch had the opportunity to get insights on the 'Fundamentals of ERP' during the industry intervention session. The session speaker, Mr. Sudhir S Mysore, a Product Owner of Digital Manufacturing Solutions at SAP Lab, with his journey spanning over 20 years across pre-sales, business development, product development, and project management, added depth to the session. The industry intervention session, a key component of the Understanding Information Systems in Organization (UISO) course, was organised by SDMIMD on November 3 & 4, 2023. The session delved into the core concepts of ERP, unravelling its significance in today's rapidly evolving business landscape, and shared practical insights on process integration, product development, and project management.